How to Enter the Emmy Race – Deadline

This week on our Deadline podcast, tv talk, chief TV critic Dominic Patton and chief film critic and awards columnist Pete Hammond continue our discussion on this year’s Emmy nominees, not necessarily the ones they managed to race from year to year, or a hiatus. After the pick, but those flashy shows make it to your first attempt. How do you successfully enter a race that often favors the tried and true? For example last year the Outstanding Comedy categories introduced two new shows, ted lasso And hacks Which was simply plowed in the rest of the field. They are back this year with a combined 37 nominations in their season two, but may succeed the first season standouts Abbott Primary, Or the nominee for the first season 17 times only murders in the building Won your Emmy race debut and upset those favorites? and what about severance, squid game, And yellow Jacket To crush the chances of the previous winner succession Just in their first season? What’s the secret to Emmy glory for a first-battered show? We’ll dive into it all, plus you’ll hear part of my conversation on The Actor’s Side, speaking of the tried-and-true reference to the Emmy nominations killing eve Star Sandra Oh with her 13th nomination amy For a much acclaimed series which turned out to be a bang. She has never won. Will this be the first time? Click on the link below to listen to our podcast.

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