How the murder of JonBenet Ramsey became a national obsession

In 2010, investigators conducted a new round of interviews, in hopes of shaking anything up, anything loose. “I understand they met Burke and gave him a card and said, ‘If you want to talk to us, here’s how you’d contact me,'” said Ramsey family attorney. lynn wood told to boulder daily camera Newspaper in October 2010. “But the police haven’t interviewed Burke.”

Wood continued, “Whatever the reason for any sort of approach with Burke, it would have nothing to do with the case, except in the fact that John and Burke could help Boulder police as witnesses in the investigation.” For all I know, they’ve got me some advice and think Burke can give them some insight.”

John Ramsey told Barbara Walters In an interview in 2015 he still predicted that either DNA would solve his daughter’s murder “or anyone who knows would turn angry or bitter against this person and tell.”

Looking back on the days immediately after JonBenet’s death, John said, “When something really tragic happens in your life, put your life in the park. Give your checkbook to a trusted friend. Avoid making any big decisions.” . Because you are not capable of making good decisions.”

And the same can be said for every single person involved in the matter. stan garnetThe Boulder DA, who replaced Mary Lacey, called Ramsay’s acquittal in 2008 “legally unimportant”. telling daily camera He was not bound by his actions if the matter progressed under his watch.

As former state attorney Troy Eid also told the newspaper in October 2016, “It’s unbelievable that the number of cases that have since been resolved is unbelievable. And as DNA testing gets better, it can sometimes dispel doubts.” and sometimes adds suspicion.”

He said, “It is not too late for justice.

,Originally published September 19, 2016, 6am PT,

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