How Noah Cyrus’ new song sheds light on his parents’ breakup

Noah Cyrus Going to break our aching, broken hearts.

the hardest part of noah Upcoming album could be a new song that she said took inspiration from her parents billy ray And Tish Cyrus, divorce, The track titled “Every Beginning Ends” is a heartwarming country song from two lovers whose romance is over. couple with noah death Cab for Cutie‘s Benjamin Gibbard When they both take turns singing verses about bitter memories.

Noah says in the song on August 26, “You used to kiss me for no reason,” to which Benjamin replies, “No one made me laugh like you.”

The pair confessed together, “You have to wake up every morning and choose someone to love, but I’m finding it just as hard as falling out of love with you.” And in the chorus, Noah says, “We had some great times, didn’t we? Now everything has started with you.”

Noah said in a press release that writing the song with Benjamin gave him a “greater understanding” on the relationship.

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