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The Seahawks held off Russell Wilson and the Broncos for a season-opening statement win over their former quarterback of the past decade.
But, what exactly was Denver coach Nathaniel Hackett thinking?
Wilson may not have done the Broncos many favors with his clock management as he attempted an all-too-familiar game-winning drive, but Hackett opted to have Brandon McManus kick a 64-yard field goal instead of going for it on fourth-and-5 from the Seahawks’ 46-yard line.
As expected, the reactions were swift and harsh for the first-year head coach on social media.
And they weren’t the only harsh reactions with former Seahawks Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman tweeting their own reactions to Wilson’s first loss in another jersey.
Here’s how national media, fans and just about everyone are reacting to the Seahawks’ wild Week 1 win.
Hackett had 2 options:

1. Ask a guy who had already thrown for 340 yards to throw for 5 more.

2. Ask a guy whose career-long FG was 61 to make from 64.

He chose Option No. 2.

This will be hard to live down.
Shelby Harris with the postgame “let’s ride” 🤠😅
How do you not let Russ get u closer with multiple timeouts left
thanks as usual to @Stathead
Letting 39 seconds run, taking a timeout, and attempting a 64-yard field goal (and then insisting on using your two timeouts and wanting the clock wound back after you fail) is about as bad as it gets in 2022.
This. Exactly. Just completely inept
Brandon McManus career history on 62+ yard FGs

62 yards – 2016 – MISS
62 yards – 2018 – MISS
63 yards – 2021 – MISS
64 yards – 2019 – MISS
64 yards – 2022 – MISS*
70 yards – 2021 – MISS


THIS is what Nathaniel Hackett opted for instead of the $242M Russ on 4th & 5???
“The fans were RIDICULOUS, the 12s were so good tonight”
Our model had it as a clear go at the conclusion of 3rd down.

After the clock ticked down to 20 seconds *and* Denver burned a timeout, it shifted to a very narrow FG preference: 29.8% to 29.1%.
what’s the point of acquiring Russell Wilson if you don’t trust him to get a first down in this type of situation?
“They wrote me off, I ain’t write back though.”

Geno Smith with a message 🗣
You simply cannot let someone coach their first NFL game against the Seahawks. It’s too chaotic. The damage from even a single hour of Seahawks Exposure can warp an unready mind for the rest of their careers
They wrote me off..but I didn’t write back 😆 Ok Geno
Nathaniel Hackett decision tree
Coaches work unbelievable hours and apparently spend none of them practicing how to manage ends of games.
When you’re doing a press conference but all you can think is I should have brought an in case of emergency change of clothes.
No shame in Drew Lock losing a quarterback battle to the best quarterback alive
IF* I’m paying 200 plus million for a qb. I’m not trotting my fg kicker out on 4th and 5 to kick a 64yd fg. You pay that type of many money for a qb for these situations 4th and 5 on the road in a hostile environment. #BroncosCountry
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