How Janet McCurdy’s iCarly role exacerbated an eating disorder

When no statement made ended in 2012, she moved to a role Sam and Catoin which he starred opposite Ariana Grande, It was a harrowing experience for Janet, who felt Ariana received preferential treatment. According to Janet, the pop star was often allowed to leave work, forcing Janet to spend more hours on set. It was so disappointing, Janet was relieved when the show was canceled after just one season.

By this point, Janet was fed up with acting, consumed by the “frustration and anger” she had accumulated since she began auditioning at her mother’s insistence at age six. However, Janet’s mother didn’t let her quit acting, so she struggled with alcohol, drugs, and binging.

Janet shared that she didn’t know whom to turn to, so her struggle took place “in the gloomy silence of my own doom”, adding that she didn’t know who else to turn to. “My mom was very clear,” she continued. “It’s something to be grateful for. It’s what we’ve been working on for the rest of our lives.”

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