How Jake Miller’s 8 Tattoo Tour Is Leaving a Lasting Impression

“I hear people say, ‘Your concerts are my happy place,'” Jake said. “It’s an hour and a half where you can shut off the world and just be surrounded by other people who want to do just that. I think from the beginning of my career, I preached just being myself. How important it is to be a good person and I think my fans are the same way.”

That authenticity continues to win over followers old and new as he continues to release new music. On August 12, Jake unveiled an original song titled “Keep itAnd this time, his girlfriend starred in the single’s accompanying music video Brandy Burroughs As their adventurous (and necessary) plus one.

“For me, from the very beginning, every song goes hand in hand with a video,” he said. “Videos are definitely really important to me. The reason I started making music was because I loved it so much. Mac Miller, Not only was he putting on amazing music, but he and his friends were independently making the coolest, funniest music videos around Pittsburgh. It was just inspiring.”

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