How are the pairings determined for the Masters? (Explained)

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owner Perhaps the most prestigious golf event of the year.

Golfers who get a chance to play at the Masters will usually tell you that this is their dream come true.

As a young golfer, there is no doubt that getting a chance to play in a Masters tournament will be a special day in your life.

With all of these players working so hard to get into the Masters tournament, the group of golfers who play in the event is very unique, and the pairing can make or break the first two days of the event.

We have all the information you need if you’ve ever wondered how the master pairing is determined and why it affects the event so much.

How Pairs Are Determined for the Masters


Pairs are determined for the first and second rounds of the Masters Member of Augusta National Golf Club,

There is a specific committee of members that meets to put these pairings together and decide who should play with them.

However, there is a group group that tends to be the same from year to year.

The US Amateur Champion must play against the current Masters Champion.

It’s a right and an honor that comes with winning the US Amateur and, for many golfers, the most important advantage of winning.

The only condition is that the US Amateur champion must still be an amateur when competing in the Masters; Otherwise, they are not eligible for this pairing.

The pairings of the first and second rounds of the master tournament remain the same.

Golfers play each other for two straight days, before the pairings are re-adjusted based on the scoring that occurred in the event.

These couples are really important, and some believe that they have a big impact on the overall event.

The pairings are groups of three for the first and second rounds.

It then turns into groups of two.

It is also important to note that Augusta National does not use a split tee system that would require players to do tee-offs of both one and ten.

When you play the Masters, you will tee off the first hole for all four rounds of golf.

The members of Augusta National Golf Club who become part of this process take great pride in what they do.

Why do pairings matter?

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Golf is a very individual sport, so it can seem confusing that there is so much focus on the pairs and what people play with them.

However, for most golfers, playing with other players they love or who challenge them to become better can create a very different experience.

If you’re playing a round of golf with a player who is struggling, it can bring your game down quickly.

There are delays in locating lost golf balls and problems with timing and slow play.

These can be very distracting for golf professionals as they are working to shoot their fewest possible rounds.

Sometimes in these first few days of pairing, you’ll also notice that golfers paired together have similar scores, which is a natural feature of the game, because of the way they play each other.

The pairing also affects the pace of play, as well as the fans who want to see certain groups.

The pair matters.

They can make a difference, and that’s why members of Augusta National Golf Club are so careful about who they put together.

It is a great honor to pair up for The Masters, but there is also a lot of pressure.

Do professional golfers care about their pairings?

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Professional golfers try to have the strongest mental game they can.

The stronger a golfer is mentally, the easier it is for him to play a great round of golf.

However, this does not mean that professional golfers are immune to the effect it can have on their game.

Most golfers care about who they are playing with and would prefer to play with a golfer who is highly respected or with whom they are friends.

Professional golfers on the PGA Tour have a good idea of ​​how Augusta National Club members work and what goes into pairing.

Over the years, some really cool pairings have been put together that complement and highlight a variety of golfers and make for a really interesting start to the event.

Professional golfers don’t say who they play with.

It can be hard to let those things out of your control, but that’s just the nature of the game.

When are the pairings for the Masters determined?

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Pairs for the Masters are determined a few days before the event, and are then released to the public before the first round.

Even though the ground for the Masters is mostly set before the event, the pair do not come out immediately.

Last-minute changes affecting the couple can happen, so it’s important to wait a bit before revealing the pairings to the media and the general public.

Pairs from the third and fourth rounds of the Masters are issued immediately after the completion of the second round.

These pairings are fairly easy to determine as they are based exclusively on scoring and not on the opinion of club members.

What do tournament administrators consider when selecting pairs?

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As a member of the pairing committee at Masters, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

This process can result in some debate and strong opinions as to who should play with what.

Here are some things tournament administrators consider when putting together pairs for a master tournament.

1. Player Relations

The Masters loves to be a historic and classy golf event.

If there are major issues or rivalries between the players, this will often be considered before the event.

Sometimes in other golf tournaments, these issues, such as the Koepka and DeChambeau affair, will be publicized and spurred on to attract attention.

Usually, masters will not do this.

In addition, the pairing committee can look at players who are known to have a really strong relationship.

Sometimes putting three people together will make for a great day of golf for fans and spectators.

This is the goal of everyone involved in the Master Tournament, and it certainly comes into play when determining pairs.

2. History in the event

Sometimes the history of the Masters will be looked at to determine who should play.

Was there a year when two players played well together and almost encouraged each other to score low?

It can be reinstalled for the upcoming masters.

They may consider placing the previous champion with someone who has never played in a Masters before.

This not only makes for a good story but also gives a great experience to the newbies to get a chance to play golf with a legend in the game.

The history of the Masters is rich, and there is no shortage of interesting and amusing stories or descriptions for amateur golfers and fans alike.

3. Crowd and Popularity

Many players draw large crowds.

As you can imagine, when Tiger Woods plays at the Masters, there are very few people who want to follow him and walk the golf course with him.

Sometimes pairing two or three of the most popular players with each other will make it more manageable to move people through the golf course all day.

Crowds are heavily controlled at the Masters as they will limit the number of people who can attend the event.

However, it is quite important to consider this when pairing.

How Far Are Tee Times in the Masters?

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The masters tee time for the first two rounds of the tournament is 11 minutes.

In addition, there are two times during the day when no group will be sent out to help make up the difference if there is a problem with the ball or penalty hold-up at some point on that day.

Tee time for the third and fourth rounds of the Masters will be just 10 minutes, but this is when there are only two players in each group.

If you have the chance to go to the Masters and the players can find a good spot on the tee box to start their day, you will be able to watch continuously throughout the day.

Although tee times aren’t that close to your local golf course, a slight difference in timing helps keep the pace of the game moving well.

What is the cut rule for Masters?

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The cut rule for the Masters is slightly different than for other PGA tournaments.

With the Masters Cut rule, only the top 50 players and ties get access over the weekend.

It’s a pretty small field, so if you can make it to the Masters in a weekend, you’ve definitely left behind some of the best players in the game.

The typical cut rules for a PGA Tour event are top 70 players and ties.

Although it is still quite competitive, it is better than Master Tournament.

The cut rule for masters has changed several times throughout history.

More recently, in 2020, there was a stipulation that said top 50 players and anyone within ten shots of the lead would make it over the weekend.

Today, only the top 50 players and the tie is the only cut rule; No need to be within 10 shots of the lead to reach the weekend.

The Master’s Committee analyzes all of these decisions annually, and they put together the solutions that work for most players.


The initial master’s pairing is based on the opinions and views of a very knowledgeable golf committee.

There is a lot of pressure involved in choosing pairs for masters, but in the end, they usually work out quite well.

Some couples work themselves out for the weekend of the Masters.

Seeing how the scores naturally fall and who plays against each other is one of the most interesting parts of the tournament.

Next time you watch The Masters, chances are you’ll understand more about pairings and the ideas that go into it.

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