Hollywood Is Playly Roasted in the Trailer for Hulu’s Reboot

Reboots are so trendy that they’re now the inspiration for a new Hulu comedy.

That’s right, on August 23, the streamer released the official trailer for the new series. modern Family creator Steven Levitantitle reboot. The series follows the cast of a beloved ’00s sitcom — played by Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville And calum worthy-As they come together to revive a hit once forgotten.

And, if the new trailer is to be believed, reboot Not afraid to make fun of the industry. “According to Wikipedia, Clay Barber (Knoxville); drug charge and disorderly conduct,” states an unaffiliated Hulu executive at first glance. “Brie Marie Jensen (Greer) did a low-budget sci-fi cable show, and Reed Sterling left to pursue a film career (Key).”

We think it will strike a chord with some of the actors in the industry.

And while these former TV stars may be eager to jump back into the spotlight, it might not be all the glitz and glam they remember. In fact, according to Hulu’s description of the series, Clay, Bree, and Reed must “tack their unresolved issues in today’s rapidly changing world.”

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