GMG’s Sun & Sand Sports launches its Back to School campaign

GMG’s Sun & Sand Sports begins its Back to School campaign with the message that sport isn’t just about winning – it’s about having fun.

#makesportsfun The concept encourages children and young adults to change the meaning of victory and empowers them to define what victory means to each of them.

Rapid social and technological advancements mean that children are growing up in an increasingly competitive world. The pressure to excel in every field is intense. Parents, often unconsciously, impose their aspirations and dreams on their children to achieve. This, combined with social pressure by their peers to “fit in”, amplified by social media, shaped their behavior towards the sport as an added pressure. What was once considered fun has turned into another series of validations, where achievement is more than game play. This is why a staggering 70% of children give up sports by the age of 13.

Videogames however, are a whole other ballgame. With videogames, children are allowed to fail without the watchful eye of their parents. They enjoy the game more when there is less outside pressure and judgment. No real world consequences for losing or failing. They make mistakes, fail and try again. at liberty. They are really free to have fun on their own terms. Bringing the judgment-free, light-hearted fun of video games into the game world is what the Back to School campaign intends to do.

“In line with our efforts to continually push the boundaries in delivering exceptional customer experiences, this year’s Back to School campaign promises to be different and redefine the conversation about what validation means in sports, in sports. Bringing back the fun and joy in me. It aims to encourage children to enjoy games as much as they enjoy video games. We’ve done this by creating a world where elements of real games and video games come together for kids to enjoy. We want kids to feel really free and enjoy the sport of their choice,” explained Mohamed Bodiat, Senior Vice President Brands – Sports, GMG.

The wide range of clothing, apparel and accessories on display at Back to School Visuals includes some of the following: leading global brand Like Nike, Adidas, Speedo and Puma. Beyond clothing, Sun & Sand Sports also offers athletic equipment for swimming, yoga, and more.

You can watch the campaign at Website and social media channels: Instagram, TIC Toc And youtube.

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