Georgia daycare workers accused of cruelty after surveillance video shows them being punched repeatedly

A daycare worker has come out of jail, while another has not yet surrendered to authorities in connection with the allegations of a 3-year-old child Georgia The boy was abused in his care.

Earlier this month, Bernetta Glover And Sharad Kony The child was reportedly seen hitting and thrashing in surveillance footage Clarkston First Baptist Academy Daycare In Clarkston, Georgia.

According to prison records, both are charged with first-degree child crude.

According to weight tv, The boy’s grandmother reportedly told police that when she picked him up from daycare on July 6, she noticed that he was “extremely upset”. Kristin CollierThe victim’s mother claims that her son reached home with injury marks on his body.

When Collier confronts the daycare, he informs him that surveillance footage only shows “tension” between the boy and the staff.

In the video, Collier claims that the two activists repeatedly slapped, punched and killed his son as they grabbed his hair and slammed him to the ground.

Police issued arrest warrants against Glover and Connie on Friday.

According to prison records, Connie turned himself in that day but was released on Tuesday after serving bond.

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