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Gabrielle Union Very little was left to the imagination in a recent social media post. the former America’s Got Talent judge On Friday, August 5, on his Instagram, he shared a revealing photo of him wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Sitting on a makeup chair with her arms around her knees, the gorgeous star captioned fellow actress Lauren London, “Naked and oblivious. Rebirth will be fantastic. PS Thank you @laurenlondon you appeared like an angel and on me Dropped some wisdom and love that has changed the course of my life.”

The 49-year-old beauty continued, “PSS thank you to all those who have taken the time to pour in me over these past few months as I have struggled a lot. Thank you!!!!!!” The jaw-dropping IG title was “Healing.”

Gabrielle, who shares children that would be14, and Guava3, with her husband Dwyane WadeShot to Stardom in 2000’s Cheerleading Comedy bring it on together Kirsten Dunst, However, Gabrielle recently shared that she has some regrets for her role in the film. during the trip good Morning AmericaShe expressed concerns about “strengthening” her character Isis, which she described in her book “You Got Anything Stronger?

In the film, Isis learns that her team’s choreography has been stolen by a rival team, which would anger anyone, but Gabrielle said she felt she couldn’t play it that way. “Black girls are not allowed to get angry. Definitely not demonstrably angry, and I strangled her,” she explained. “I had strangled her and made her such a kind, decent leader, And I was still the villain in that movie. I did all that shape-shifting for one character, and then I realized I was doing the same for myself. I was not allowing myself all my humanity.”

Keeping this in mind, Gabrielle said that she would definitely have tweaked her performance. “I would have given him permission to have full humanity, and part of being a perfect human being is the ability to express anger at a loss,” she elaborated. “When you really don’t allow yourself the full range of your feelings and you repress your feelings, it allows people to think, ‘Maybe what I did wasn’t that bad.’ I would have given him all the anger.”

Although there may be some reservations about the way her original production was handled, Gabrielle pitched the idea for a sequel in August 2020 during a Zoom reunion with costar Kirsten and director Peyton Reed. “20 years later, the impact this film had and continues to be is great,” she said. “So whatever we can come up with one day, I mean, Kirsten, maybe we’re like the co-head of the PTA. I don’t know.”

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