From Andrew Tate to Jake Paul, the Internet Wants These Online Celebs Gone

In a popular forum on social media, the Internet has discussed “online celebrities” whom they would like to see “go away”.

Feather redditThe ‘sr/AskReddit forum—which has over 36 million followers—is people on the Internet asking questions about any topic to get feedback from other Reddit users. u/curiosity2424 asked, “Who’s an ‘internet famous’ person who needs to go away?” The viral post has over 16,000 upvotes and 11,000 comments.

U/Oobedoob_S_Benubi got the top comment with over 20,000 upvotes, “Nicocado avocado. Somebody take that poor guy off the internet to a doctor’s office.”

Nikocado Avacado is a YouTuber who has six different channels and a total of over 7 million subscribers. Nicocado Avocado—real name Nicholas Perry—began as a violinist and a vegan on the video-sharing platform. Then, Perry discovered “muckbangs,” where people eat different amounts of foods in front of the camera. His video took a turn when he started eating large amounts of food and started gaining a lot of weight. Since then, he has been in many fights between YouTubers in the “Mukbang Community”.

internet discussion "internet celebrities" need to go
Reddit users discuss “online celebrities” who need to go, Jake Paul being one of them.
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“Ace the family. Using kids for money is the worst a**t any parent can do,” said u/mikotheb***h.

ACE Family, a YouTube channel run by Austin and Katherine McBroom, has over 18 million subscribers. Together, Austin and Katherine have three children together. Throughout his career, parents have been in disputes including several lawsuits and much criticism,

U/buckleupfkboy wrote, “Andrew Tate, a really terrifying piece of s**t that’s influencing young men and teens with his misogynistic caveman teachings.”

Andrew Tate is a kickboxer and content creator and has shared false and racist content on his social media pages. In the past, he has reportedly said that he owns property, including women, that he should not drive, that he “doesn’t believe in depression,” asked men to be abusive to his girlfriend, that rape victims “bear responsibility.” “Should do their attacks, that men can’t have feelings or emotions and much more.

“Jake Paul,” said u/suplexcity44.

Jake Paul is a YouTuber and boxer who has over 20 million subscribers. He started out as a key member and co-founder of Team 10, a social media label for growing influencers. Paul uploaded videos every day—titled “It’s Everyday Bro”, a song featuring 10 team members. During the years of Team 10, many influential individuals have come and gone. While some members in the Team 10 household had a tough time, Alyssa Violet said she was kicked out of the house and left homeless and the Martinez Twins alleged that there was “extremely” bullying in the house. Paul’s Belt Has Many Controversiesincluding being fired Disney Due to complaints from the channel TV shows, bizardvark, pranks, stunts and parties. He has been served lawsuits and even his “Team 10 Mansion” Was Raid by the FBI in 2020,

“James Charles,” said u/ao8520.

“Everything about that guy screams urgh,” u/Pleasant_Jim replied.

James Charles is a YouTuber who focuses on makeup. Throughout his YouTube career, he faced many controversies and fights, including Fellow makeup artist and YouTuber, Tati Westbrook. infamous quarrel with, Their feud was about hair supplements and how Westbrook wanted Charles to promote her product “Hello Beauty”, which Charles refused to do, saying he was uncomfortable promoting the supplement to a younger audience. Gone. Months later, he promoted Westbrook’s contestant “Sugar Bear Hair” and saw it as a betrayal. Charles has also been accused of grooming, as he was allegedly “sexting” the minors.

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