Fox News analyst mourns the murder of younger brother on the South Side. ‘Living in Chicago should not come with the death penalty.’

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell publicly mourned the murder of his younger brother in Chicago, calling on the killers to turn themselves in and lament that “the death penalty should not be accompanied by a stay in Chicago.”

Caldwell, who grew up in Chicago, wrote on social media that his “teenage baby brother was murdered” on the South Side on Friday.

“Yesterday was the worst day of my existence,” Caldwell said. “I never thought that my younger brother’s life would be taken away from him. Please keep my family in your prayers.”

Christian Caldwell was killed in a shootout at Morgan Park early Friday, injuring two others, police said.

They were outside the 11400 block of South Vincennes Avenue when someone set fire and fled in a black car at 2 pm, the police said. Another 31-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman were injured in the attack. The police did not report any arrests.

Christian Caldwell was the youngest of nine siblings, Giano Caldwell told Fox News, He had just turned 18.

Caldwell said his family grew up “really poor” with a mother who was addicted to cocaine. He was raised by his grandmother while his mother attended rehab.

Gianno Caldwell said that he was like a father figure to his younger brothers, including Christian, whose father was absent. “I assumed they were my children … I took care of them. I supported them financially and still do,” Caldwell told Fox News.

Gianno Caldwell’s family has faced violence before – one brother was shot in 2017 and the other killed his best friend in his arms – but he was still shocked by his brother’s murder . “We’ve never murdered anyone in our family, and we’ve gone through very, very sad things,” he told Fox News.

On Monday, Giano Caldwell Fox32 told Chicago WFLD“My family is just torn apart. The fact that this is happening in this city—in which I grew up and that I love—is utterly depressing and disgusting. There is no cost to human life here. That value has eroded over the years. Living in Chicago shouldn’t come with the death penalty, but it does for so many. ,

He said violence centered on the south and west has now become more widespread. “It tells me something urgently needs to be changed,” he told Fox 32.

He said people are “extremely” to the violence in Chicago. “If it wasn’t my brother, would I have got all this coverage for him? Will people even know his name? no about what 5 month old girl murdered on Friday, People don’t even know his name.”

Gianno Caldwell said that his younger brother was a clown who had a job and was eager to attend college.

Giano Caldwell was hired by Fox News in 2017. He founded a bipartisan firm in Washington, DC, and runs a podcast, “Outloud with Giano Caldwell.”

He is the author of the book “Taken for Granted,” which recounts his difficult childhood in Chicago and how “Orthodox values ​​helped him achieve his dreams,” according to his biography,

He said he wanted “justice” for his brother’s murder, but he was not interested in “street justice,” he told Fox News. He told the attackers to come inside himself and said he hoped they could be rehabilitated.

“There may be a purpose to this pain” that my family is experiencing, he told Fox32.

“As a Christian who believes in forgiveness, who believes there is another way for people who do something like this, I only want justice from my younger brother, Christian,” he told Fox News.

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