Former House Speaker Paul Ryan cried during the January 6 Capitol attack: Book

On January 6, 2001, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan reportedly burst into tears after seeing a crowd of right-wing extremists at the Capitol.

Journalist Mark Leibovich writes in his forthcoming book that a new book says the Wisconsin ex-Republican lawmaker “found himself crying” when he saw the rebellion attempt on television.

“I spent my entire adult life in that building,” Ryan said. “It really bothers me, basically.”

Ryan said “something snapped in that” as he watched thousands of supporters of former President Donald Trump unroll through security and the building, as Congress prepared to testify to President Biden’s 2020 election victory.

“I was completely horrified,” Ryan said of the Capitol attack.

The revelations about Ryan come up in “Thank You for Your Servant”. Leibovich’s Trump Era Memoir.

Ryan, who was the vice-presidential nominee on Sen. Mitt Romney’s 2016 Republican White House ticket, is a key figure in the establishment wing of the GOP.

Like other mainstream conservatives, he dramatically put Trump at risk for his own political positions as well as for American democracy.

The legislator admitted to Leibovich that he had assumed Trump would “just quit” after losing the 2020 election, a belief that turned out to be shockingly misguided.

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