Florida teacher resigns after coworker snatches photos of black leaders from her classroom wall

a Florida teacher He has resigned after his colleague removed pictures of prominent black figures from the wall of his classroom.

Michael James, a white ESE teacher from Escambia County School District, was preparing its class for students arriving earlier this week. In doing so, a board-certified behavior analyst and a behavior coach entered his classroom and began helping him reconfigure it to meet the needs of his students. According to James, employees saw behind his desk his newly decorated bulletin board with pictures of black leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Colin Powell and George Washington Carver. A brief description of his contributions and achievements is shown in each image. The Behavior Analyst quickly began removing the photos but left the Pledge of Alliance, which was also on the bulletin board. The employee reportedly told James that the images were not age-appropriate.

James was new to the district and reluctant to fuss, initially keeping quiet but saying that the more he dwells on the incident, the more it upsets him. After some thought, he emailed a letter Governor Ron DeSantis and Escambia County Superintendent Tim Smith Feather monday, The next day, he officially resigned from his position.

The teacher, who has been teaching children with special needs for nearly two decades, said he was “stuck” by his colleague’s actions.

61 years old explained that he chose the subject for the bulletin board because his students were predominantly black, and that he felt it was important for them to see historical black leaders they could see. He also criticized the school board for not putting that much money into the school, as it mainly consists of African-American students.

Escambia County School District Launched an investigation and denied the James version of events. They claim that the employee only removed the photos because the bulletin board had to be dedicated to state-essential curriculum materials. He defended the behavior analyst’s actions, saying he thought the board was good, but knew that a “specific population of students” needed instructional material in his view.

Despite what the school board called “mistakes” in his story, James says the behavioral analyst never mentioned the state materials before he started snatching them up.

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