Five realistic predictions for Apple’s iPhone event 2022

September is near and with it will almost certainly be the announcement of the new iPhone 14 model. The iPhone is a key to the event Apple Because the product represents a significant portion of a company’s revenue and still has an impact on its competition. While the iPhone is the primary reason to tune into the event, it won’t be the only product announced.

Most likely we will see a new Apple Watch in some shape or form. We may be getting a long-awaited update to a long-awaited audio product that’s long in the tooth. Apple also uses these times to promote its Apple TV Plus shows and movies, so there’s reason to see what the company is showing as soon as possible. 7 september, The speculation below is based on analyst information, investor calls, supply chain leaks, and other reports. From this, there are five concrete things that are realistically possible in the event.

1) More differences between iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models

From several different accounts, it looks like the upcoming iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro lines will be more different than before. For the past few years, the choice between getting or not getting a Pro iPhone has really come down to the camera system and screen size—some technical details have been mixed in for good measure. If you want the biggest screen you have to buy the Pro Max iPhone. If you don’t think you need a third camera, you can save some money with the non-Pro model.

Apple’s latest A-series processors, and thus most of the speed and battery life performance, have been roughly on par between Pro and non-Pro iPhones. That trend may stop this year and the regular iPhone 14 may continue to use the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 while the Pro model gets a new processor. There could be supply chain constraints behind the scenes for this decision or it could be strictly for more discrimination—a Pro phone should theoretically be faster than a non-Pro.

With the processor, there is a good chance that the iPhone Pro line will get an always-on display feature. Code in the iOS 16 beta software states that you will be able to see widgets continuously on the lock screen, even when the display is “off”. The Pro phone is rumored to get rid of the notch and replace it with a display that includes “hole punch“Look, similar to a lot of Android phones.

And of course, the difference is likely to be in at least one camera on the iPhone 14 Pro. Hints are that this year an iPhone will ship with a 48MP sensor, which is higher than the previous 12MP sensor.

2) High iPhone Prices

Plan to see higher prices for at least some of the iPhones announced this year. an analyst Estimate We can see a 15 percent increase in the average selling price of the iPhones 14. Inflation? Perhaps. Increase in manufacturing cost? Perhaps. Making the most out of Apple’s most popular product? Definitely.

Apple has sometimes managed to hit the prices of its products without any major promotions. This year, it is likely to do so by offering the iPhone 14 with a bigger screen. The iPhone 14 Max, as it might be called, will be cheaper than what consumers need to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but still drives up the average selling price of Apple’s phone.

There is also speculation that the base model of the Pro line of phones will also see an increase in price. Whether it comes with more storage or other perks is unknown, but anyone considering an upgraded phone should get used to the idea of ​​spending more for the device than it did last time.

3) New Apple Watch Models

By all accounts, there will be at least one new Apple Watch as in previous years. This year, however, signs are strong that Apple is working on a bigger model that could be a Pro version of the wearable device.

What makes a professional watch? Rumors revolved around a bigger screen and body size that would physically allow the larger battery to fit inside. The casing can be made from a strong, premium material to keep it safe if used for extreme sports. Samsung recently announced its Galaxy Watch 5 Pro which offers similar features for a premium price.

At some point, the Apple Watch is expected to have a temperature sensor. There are reports that it has been tested internally for some time, so this could be the year it is added to the Series 8 line of watches. It’s more uncertain whether we’ll see a new Apple Watch SE model this September, but it’s a possibility, given the new watchOS announced in June will no longer run on the Series 3 Watch—which is still sold until August 2022. .

4) AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

AirPods Pro debuted in 2019. Following the progress of the standard AirPods, it will likely be that new high-end earbuds are going to be released soon. The biggest question is not when, but what? What will the new AirPods Pro offer?

Here, it’s easy to get down to the basics by looking at the third generation AirPods. We can speculate that a new generation of AirPods Pro will get better acoustics, better ear recognition, and a slightly redesigned design to accommodate variation from the older model. Some separate reports also indicate that the speaker in the charging case is likely to be able to play sound when searching for lost earbuds via the Find My app. Beyond that, the uniqueness remains a mystery. The AirPods Pro could possibly get fitness-focused features, but reports about it have been conflicting so far.

5) Fifty-Fifty Shot on the New iPad in September

There seem to be new iPads on the way, both a regular and iPad Pros, but will any of them debut at this iPhone-focused event in September? For the past several quarters, Apple has noted to investors that it has allocated some iPad resources to making sure the iPhone has the necessary components. The company may just need more time to build up stock of its tablets.

Apple hedged the timing by saying that its new operating systems would come out in the fall. but it now sounds like iPadOS will be delayed a month longer than iOS, and will be revealed in October. It’s a sign that the new iPads aren’t ready yet. Does it make more sense for Apple to have new iPads for an event in October that could also bring new Macs? It’s a toss-up that could go either way as we sit a few weeks out from the iPhone event.

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