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Rachel Reckia Gabby Windy

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gabby windy And Rachel Rachia kick-started the unprecedented season of The Bachelorette On July 11, when they both met 32 ​​men outside the Bachelor Mansion, hoping to begin their journey to find love. The two women had a chance to talk to the men at a cocktail party prior to the first rose ceremony. Then, each of them made a first impression.

Rachel made her first impression on Rose tino franco, who was also the first boy to kiss on the show. From the pair’s first meeting, where Tino arrived on a forklift to the Bachelor mansion, Rachel said that Tino was her type. “I was immediately attracted to Tino,” she said. “I really don’t think anyone can top Tino’s entrance.”

Rachel Reckia Gabby Windy
Rachel Rachia and Gabby Windy on ‘The Bachelorette’ night. (ABC)

At a cocktail party, Tino pulls Rachel aside on a ladder in the hopes that it will help her make better memories of the time she broke down and cried during their time on the stairs. the Bachelor, Rachel told Tino that he was off to a “great start”, and they shared a romantic kiss on the stairs. “The stairs are getting better already!” she told him.

Rachel admitted, “I’m so happy to finally have a kiss tonight.” “Tino is definitely the romantic connection I was hoping for and this is what I’ve been waiting for. I feel better than ever about finding my future partner.” Despite some more good conversations, Rachel couldn’t get Tino out of her mind. He pulled it aside to give the first impression of the rose.

“Tonight has been a whirlwind for me and it’s a really big deal, but I’ve been thinking about you for a while,” she said. “I really enjoyed our conversation. You made the stairs a better place for me the first night and I’m really looking forward to getting to know you more.” Tino accepts Rose, and they kiss again. “I feel great,” he said in his confession. “I’m so glad that Rachel and I had the time and it was worthwhile and there’s no doubt in my mind that we can create something really special here.”

Rachel Reckia Gabby Windy
Rachel Rachia and Gabby Windy during a cocktail party night. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Gabby gives her first impression of the guy who “stands out” the most to her, Mario Vassal. Mario was also the first boy Gabby kissed. “I was really excited to talk to Mario,” she said after the kiss. “He’s a great kisser. He’s giving me butterflies.” When she gave Mario the rose, she told him she admired how he led to “really good questions” and loved that he was “cute and real”. Of course, she accepted Rose.

“I’m excited Gabby and I got off on the right foot,” Mario said. “As the weeks go by, hopefully we can continue to build that relationship. I’m excited I want to keep this momentum going.

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