Field of Dreams uniform: MLB unveils throwback uniform for Cubs at ‘Field of Dreams’ game

If they design it, you will buy.

MLB unveils throwback uniforms for this season “Field of Dreams” game.

This year’s game between the Cubs and the Reds will take place on Thursday, August 11 at 7 p.m. in Diersville, Iowa, at the site of the filming of the 1989 classic baseball movie “Field of Dreams.”

The game will be broadcast on FOX-32 and 670-AM.

Last year’s inaugural edition was a sepia-toned, nostalgic-inducing success in which the White Sox defeated the Yankees 9-8 on August 12, 2021.

For this year’s game, Major League Baseball unveiled the jersey for that game with a look that evokes the early century gear.

The Cubs, to be named the visiting team, would combine hats from the late 1920s and 1914.

Their jersey will be cream-colored with a small Cubs—with a bat surrounded by a red wishbone-style “C” with navy piping forward and a navy cap featuring small white Cubs holding a baseball bat.

The team wore the same jersey as the home uniform jersey worn from 1927–29. The main difference was the color – the home jersey was white instead of cream.

The Navy cap made by the New Era displays the white cub-bat logo, which appeared in street uniforms during the 1914 season.


This 1929 uniform is the same as the 2022 Cubs will wear at the “Dream ke Maidan” game. This photo shows the Cubs coaching staff (from left) Joe Burke, manager Joe McCarthy and Grover Land in 1929.

The Reds will be in white jerseys with red stripes, with the word “REDS” on the left breast, surrounded by a wishbone “C”. He debuted this look in 1914 and continued through his 20s. The caps will be white with red stripes and a thick red stripe around the base of the hat and a red stylized “C”.

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