Everything I Know About Love’s Emma Appleton Is More Than a Rom-Com

“I think it was difficult,” Emma said of portraying the subtle but painful experience. “I was trying to figure out where she is in each episode, and I also have to get into my head, is that you see a side of Maggie, who is a little demonstrative, how she wants everyone. Watch him, and then the audience also gets to see what’s going on in his head.”

On the one hand, Maggie is trying to pretend everything is fine and she’s “happy for her friend,” Emma continued, but she’s “starting to feel lost and sad.”

Will Maggie and Birdie’s friendship survive everything that comes their way? stream i know all about love Feather PeacockStarting Thursday, August 25, you can see for yourself.

(E! and Peacock are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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