Entertainment Companies Post-Row to Employees: We’ve Got You Covered

United States Supreme Court Overturned 1973 Roe vs. Wade The decision on Friday, dropping abortion rights to individual states, has left many people wondering what happens next. Many entertainment companies have assured their employees that they will stand by their rank and file in defending body autonomy, regardless of recent decisions.

Hollywood Reporter wrote Friday that major companies such as Disney, Paramount, Comcast, Netflix, Sony and Warner Bros. Discovery, as well as agencies such as WME, CAA and UTA, have sent memos to employees about their health policies. The common thread is a travel reimbursement for those who would need to leave their home state for an abortion.

Netflix maintains a total travel reimbursement allowance of $10,000 for its full-time US employees for medical concerns such as cancer treatment, transplants, gender-affirming care, and abortions. Disney told its employees that travel is covered for people who can’t access care, including “pregnancy-related decisions” in their state.

CEO of Paramount bob bakisho Noting the country’s “moment of profound uncertainty” sent a memo, but wanted to reassure its employees. ,[W]E would like to be very clear about what will not change at Paramount,” his note continued, before outlining their benefits policy, which included travel reimbursement “if covered healthcare, such as abortion, is prohibited in your area.” .

Warner Bros. Discovery’s human resources department wrote “[g]Even to overturn the recent Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade and the possible elimination of access to abortion in some states, we are quickly expanding our health benefit options to include expenses for employees and their covered family members who need abortion care, family planning, and medical procedures. One needs to travel to reach the chain. reproductive health.”

roger lynchCEO of Condé Nast, which owns VF and other publications such as the trend, wired, architectural digest, the new YorkerAnd GQ Called the Supreme Court decision “a crushing blow to reproductive rights protected for nearly half a century”, and likewise announced “an increase in our US health benefits to provide coverage to covered employees and their covered dependents”. help them gain access to fertility care, wherever they live.”

As a result of the Supreme Court ruling, new rules have already come into force in areas with so-called “trigger laws”. State of Missouri (population: 6.1 million), which already had very restrictive laws, was be the first to announce That almost all abortions are effectively banned.

A big question mark is Florida (population: 21.7 million) where Disney, of course, maintains a large presence. starting 1st of july new law Which will take effect which bans abortion after 15 weeks. (It’s currently 24 weeks.) However, this change is being challenged by two lawsuits – one from Planned Parenthood, the other from Planned Parenthood. Congregation L’Dor Va-DorA Jewish synagogue argued that the ban violated religious freedom.

Things are more dire in Georgia (Population: 10.8 million), where Disney’s Marvel has a large production facility. with Roe vs. Wade On the contrary, it is believed that the ban on abortion after six weeks, which was temporarily killed In 2020, chances are Be the law Individual matters in Georgia can be complicated, as the many people who work on projects that ultimately fall under Disney’s umbrella may very well be contracted out by smaller companies that may not have similar reimbursement policies. Huh.

Another question for companies is liability if the laws become even stricter. in Texas (population: 29 millionover the entire continent of Australia) any citizen is capable of suing anyone (inside or outside the State) if they “aid and abet“Someone is getting abortions out there. Although the law is extremely vague and hasn’t been tested yet, legislators in Missouri are considering moving one more, and making it illegal to help a person even when he leaves the state. The law sounds absurd, but recent events have shown that anything is possible.

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