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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series One of the best shows on TV right now. This young artist doesn’t just sing. They all have incredible comedic timing. The writing on the show has never been better. I am so glad that this show is in our lives.

Anyway, Episode 4 begins with the crew of the Wildcats rehearsing Sharpay’s “Fantastic” High School Musical 2 and preparing corbin blue to return. Just when they think Corbin has arrived it’s really just EJ Boy, is he in mood, When Gina asked where Corbyn was, he said, “I don’t know. Maybe your secret late night run friend Ricky knows, huh? Gina is a better woman than me because she would have sent me over the edge.” Ricky tries to pull it off, but Ashlyn knows the drama when she sees it.

‘Fantastic’ is absolutely fantastic

high school musical
Cast of ‘HSMTS’ Season 3 (Disney+)

They all want to impress Corbin with an elaborate musical number, and he’s undeniably “brilliant.” Carlos sings Sharpe’s part effortlessly. Ashley Tisdale Would be so proud. Kourtney has her own sassy moment in the performance. Give us a Courtney Solo, HSMTMTS,

The next morning, everyone is preparing for the first frozen read through And the actual arrival of Corbyn. EJ’s stress level has reached a new high. You can feel the tension in his voice. Corbin finally shows up, and Courtney has done a lot to impress him hsm alum

Gina tells EJ that she has been called to the office. His mom is going back to Salt Lake City! Gina and EJ are basically going to be neighbors for their gap year, at least that’s what Gina thinks. Turns out, EJ receives a letter from his father, who doesn’t go well with the gap year plan and wants to send him to Caswell Success Training School in St. Louis. He’s not going to tell Gina until she finds a way to go. because that plan Always Exercise.

Corbin’s creator, Channing, thinks the kids are treating each other very well. He can smell the drama. “Shut those cracks away and you’ve got gold,” Channing tells Corbin. With only 10 days until Opening Night, which also happens to be Ricky’s 18th birthday, the anger is about to rise again.

Speaking of anger, Ashlyn is convinced that Val hates her because she was put on the roost. Ashlyn is still working with her Leo Rising quest. Channing and Corbin try to stir up the drama in the read-through. Ricky insists that the “jealous in-fighting” is not just this group. EJ says it’s a “drama-free zone.” Sure, January.

high school musical
EJ and Gina on ‘HSMTMTS’. (Disney+)

During the reading, everyone learns that Jet is gone. Maddox says that Jet is going to be fine. Carlos, who claims to be the perfect “straight-dar”, thinks Maddox and Jett are having crushes on each other. Val learns that Jet checked out of the camp. Since Jett is no longer in Shallow Lake, someone else needs to sing “Love is an Open Door” with Gina. Ricky quickly volunteers because it’s the only song frozen He knows. He says he’s “happy to jump in it.” Ricky Is Adorable Trying Not To Be Obvious While Being Together majority of obvious.

Corbin tells Ricky it’s not necessary and EJ chimes in, “Stay in your street, Bowen.” Gina gives a look to EJ who says: why are you jealous? Corbin tells EJ that he looks like a “villain from the 1980s” and has him sing along to Gina. “Villains equal spectators,” Corbin says. He is not wrong.

ricky gets jealous

Gina and EJ sing “Love is an Open Door” in costumes and everything. This is the pair we love. They are just so cute! Meanwhile, Ricky seems hella jealous. “He’s amazing,” says Ricky when Corbin asks for his opinion, and then he hurriedly follows up that EJ was too. Ricky is caught!!!! He leaves the room before anyone has a chance to react.

Ricky goes to work on his lines and Gina comes. after a very flickering back and forth, Gina begins reading Ricky’s “bucket list” that she is trying to complete before she turns 18. When EJ sees them they are still messing around. He quickly flees, further scratching the itch in the back of his mind that Ricky and Gina’s friendship has something more to offer.

Sidebar: Look, Ricky definitely has feelings for Gina beyond friendship at this point. We don’t forgive cheating in this house, and Ricky has yet to act on those feelings. Whether it is flirting or just a playful joke between friends, it is up to you to decide.

EJ runs away to talk with Val and tells about his father. Val urges him to have these conversations with Gina. Yes you know, his girlfriend. He quips that he is “busy with someone else.” EJ, you have girl. Stop dwelling on your mind about everything! Gina looks for EJ and definitely feels that she has interrupted something between her and Val, but she says nothing.

Dara Renee
Dara Renee as Courtney. (Disney+)

After rehearsal ends, Val announces a movie night to watch High School Musical 3, “Fun fact, oddly never seen,” Corbin says. Carlos is terrified, as he should be. Along the way, Gina notices that Kourtney isn’t feeling 100%. Gina asks Val if they can talk. Val thinks Gina is going to ask about EJ, but Gina wants to ask just to see. camp Rock For Courtney. What’s going on with EJ, Val says nothing about “You’re a good friend and girlfriend. I can tell,” Val tells Gina.

‘Is it really about Gina?’

Jet returns to camp just before the screening. Jet tries to make up for his absence, but Val doesn’t let him get away with it. She gives him a hard time about leaving the crew. Now it’s time someone tuned the jet for its less stellar behavior.

During the screening, Ashlyn tells Maddox about Val. “The way Ashlyn’s talking about Val sounds a lot like what I used to talk about Madison,” admits Maddox. Meanwhile, Gina mentions to EJ that she doesn’t do well with liars. EJ starts freaking out. Ricky notices something is happening and goes back to the cabin. He finds the jet there. Like Val, Ricky tells Jett that everyone was counting on him, but specifically mentions Gina. β€œHe finally got the edge. It means a lot,” says Ricky.

Jett decides to hit back at Ricky. “Are you really so upset that I took it, or is it really about Gina?” Jet asks. Ricky did not expect such confrontation about his feelings for Gina. “I just want what’s best for him. He’s my friend,” Ricky tells Jett, who doesn’t think it’s necessarily true. Ricky gets defensive. “You don’t know the whole story,” he lets out. say before.

high school musical
Ricky and Gina in ‘HSMTMTS’ Season 3. (Disney+)

Gina makes a shocking discovery

While everyone is watching the movie, Kourtney sneaks out of her mom’s FaceTime. Kourtney is homesick and have concerns, both are completely understandable feelings that can happen at any age. “I should be having a good time,” admits Kourtney. His mother gives him some words of advice. “You know how you feel,” his mother says. Kourtney wonders if she should talk to anyone about her anxiety. Her mother has promised that she will be there for whatever Kourtney needs.

EJ goes to find Gina in his cabin. He walks into Corbyn and the producer. They give him a big warning. The kids at Camp Shallow Lake need to showcase all the juicy drama. Spill all the tea. “Without it, we don’t have a show, Corbin says. “It might not be the right group for this project.” EJ vows not to disappoint Gina or her friends. “If you need drama So, I can make you play,” he promises Corbin. EJ 1.0 is about to make a comeback!

They don’t have to put in much effort for drama. When Gina goes to find her script, she stumbles upon a letter from EJ’s father. She asks Val if he knew about the letter. EJ will have to face the wrath of someone who hates to lie, but that’s coming. He has enough time to tell Gina! , new episodes of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Drop on Wednesday on Disney+.

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