Drake Wants To Slap The “Fake Drake” When The Imposter Invites Him To A Boxing Match [Video]

Fly is on the “Fake Drake” Pretending to be her and even threatening to claw at the bold imposter.

formally known as easy drakesat down with the self-proclaimed “fake drake” @weinmiamipodcastwhere he dined on a run-in with “find your Love” rapper in miami, According to Izzy, he and his management went to the hotel where Drake was staying, but said the encounter “wasn’t very inviting.” when the host @thestuntlifestyle Investigated further, Izzy explained that she Grammy Winner The rapper asked if he would attend his celebrity boxing match against the Youtuber? M2thaK, However, according to Izzy, Aubrey Graham responded with a threat of harm.

The fake Drake shared, “He said he’d pull me over and slap me for free.”

Izzy said that he originally called Drake to a boxing match after his friend Baka treated him rudely during a separate encounter. M2thaK then chimed in and revealed that Izzy said he could beat both men, a claim Izzy didn’t back down.

Izzy Drake joins a long line of rapper impersonators, or “fakes,” who have been a pest to the cast this year. A “fake Lil Dirk” surfaced several months ago and Tekashi became embroiled in a public beef with 6ix9ine. This wave of power chasers isn’t just sharing annoying posts on social media. They have evolved from the likeness of the individuals they impersonate.

Drake has yet to respond to claims of violence made by “fake Drake”. Watch full interview on official we in miami youtube channel,

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