Doug Maastriano deemed a ‘traitor’ after being shown in a Confederate uniform

Doug Mastriano, the Trump-backed candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, is being branded as unfit for office by his opponents after a photo of him wearing a Confederate uniform surfaced.

Maastriano is shown at a faculty at the Army War College wearing the gray uniform of a Confederate soldier Photo published by Reuters on Friday, public exhibition of relics from Confederacy It has been sharply condemned as a symbol of white supremacy and treason. Maastriano’s Enemy, Joe Moving to lead a major swing stateSays the photo should keep him away from the governor’s office, while his colleagues say the backlash is overwhelming.

Maastriano is depicted in a uniform for a 2013โ€“14 portrait taken for the college’s Department of Military Strategy, Planning and Operations, according to Reuters, which obtained the image via a public records request. According to the news outlet, department faculty were allowed to dress up as historical figures, with only Maastriano choosing to wear the uniform of a Confederate soldier.

Governor's candidate Doug Mastriano talks to supporters
Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano speaks to supporters at the Unite & Win rally at the Wyndham Hotel on August 19, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The candidate faced criticism on Friday after a photo of him wearing a Confederate uniform was published.
Jeff Swensen / Getty Images

The Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, told Reuters it had removed the display, saying it “doesn’t meet the values โ€‹โ€‹of the anganwadi.”

“Doug Mastriano wore the uniform of traitors fighting to defend slavery on the official grounds of the US Army War College,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh ShapiroThe Democratic nominee for governor said in a tweet, noting that the college removed the picture.

“It’s very offensive and proves who he is, once again. He’s unfit to be governor,” Shapiro said.

Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Zabel said in a tweet That Maastriano was unfit for office, he questioned why he would choose to wear a uniform associated with slavery, treason and the losing side of the civil war.

Some users noted the irony of Maastriano being represented. gettysburgThe site of a major civil war.

Others downplayed the photo, stating that he is a historian. who has served as guide in Gettysburg.

“The media has melted that Maastriano apparently once posed as a Civil War historical figure for a photograph,” Jenna Ellis, a lawyer representing Trump said in a tweet. “And? He has a PhD in history. Leftists want to erase history. @dougmastriano Want us to learn from it.”

Twitter User Governor Delhi said in a tweet That Maastriano wears Civil War attire to his job and called the Reuters report “a despicable attempt at a hit-piece”.

Maastriano, a former colonel in the US Army and current state senator earlier disputes For trafficking in conspiracy theories and supporting a former president Donald TrumpThe claim of rigging in the 2020 presidential election was completely refuted.

Maastriano was also present at the January 6 Capitol riots. Although he has not faced charges, a House committee investigating the incident has summoned Maastriano, who is accused of arranging an “alternative” slate of pro-Trump voters in Pennsylvania.

“It seems like @dougmastriano The Army War College wore a traitor’s uniform,” Illinois Rep. adam kinzingerA Republican critic of Trump, said in a tweet, “He also defends the current traitors who attempted a coup after losing the election. Traitors.”

newsweek Reached out to Maastriano’s campaign for comment.

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