Dorinda Clark-Cole defends Beyoncé (VIDEO)

Dorinda Clark-Cole is coming to Beyoncé’s defense after Bishop Patrick Wooden’s recent comments about her song ‘Church Girl’. If you remember, Bishop referred to his new song as “Profanity.” During a church sermon, the bishop said,

“To sample the song of an actual church lady, Twinkie Clark. I don’t know if she knew or didn’t know what she was going to do with the song. But she knows she didn’t save.” He continued, “I pray to God that what he did with that song is strongly condemned. It shows that we are not talking. No one respects the church.”

However, 1/4 of the great Clark Sisters don’t seem to like Dorinda. Dorinda said people needed to “leave” Beyonce Alone.” If you’re unfamiliar, the song samples the Clark Sisters’ song, “Center of the Will,” written by Alberta “Twinky” Clark.

Dorinda isn’t the only gospel artist who has defended Bey. Deitrick Hadden also shared a message.

She captioned the post, “Let’s @beyonce make her song for your audience, and you make your gospel song for your audience. Then focus on your work and let God be God. If you have a problem with Beyoncé Or worry, just pray for his strength!”

Pastor also praised Twinkie for the talent, saying, “I’m glad @twinkieclark is being rewarded because some fake gospel label shitter has duped the young, innocent Twinkie out of all his publications! Twinkie is my musical heroes.” One is, and my heart is very happy to know that he is getting paid.”

Queen Bey never responds to hatred, but you know Mama Tina always gives her daughter a pat. They reposted Dietrick’s message on their Instagram page as a show of solidarity.

Rumis, what do you think about this situation?

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