Don’t Use the Word “Inexplicably Connected” Around ‘Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ Showrunner

Patrick McKeuOne of the showrunners on Prime Video’s upcoming show The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerstopped a panel at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles on Friday to make a significant correction, according to Hollywood Reporter,

One reporter noted the series, which begins on September 2, is only “vaguely connected” to the work of writer JRR Tolkien, to the contrary. Peter JacksonThe famous film trilogy which, as the trade outlet puts it, “is based on actual printed material.”

McKay was quick to object. “We don’t think so. We feel like this show has its roots in the books and in Tolkien,” he said.

“If we didn’t feel like it, we would all be afraid to sit here,” he continued. “We feel like this story isn’t ours. It’s a story we’re handling that was here before us and waiting to happen on Earth in those books. We don’t feel ‘vaguely connected. We feel deeply, deeply connected to those people and work every day to stay even closer.”

power rings Not an adaptation of a specific Tolkien work, but derived from the elements in it unfinished tales The edition published by Christopher Tolkien after the death of his father. The new series is set in the second era of Middle-earth, thousands of years before the adventures of the more familiar films. (That doesn’t mean there aren’t some shared characters, though!)

In addition to defending the new show’s “connected” bonafides, McKay also commented on the fact that HBO is launching another big-budget high fantasy prequel series, dragon housePart of game of Thrones Continuity, just two weeks ago.

“It unfolds and we fully understand where the question is [of a perceived rivalry] comes from,” he said. “We don’t think about this show as what genre or what other shows might be. We think [Tolkien]His life’s work was creating this world. It’s Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the regions beyond Middle Earth and we just wanted to live up to that,” he said.

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