Doja Cat shaved her head and her eyebrows on Instagram Live

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Doja Cat is making some major changes to her look. And before you think it’s some kind of emotional breakdown, girl looks Good, And she knows this. If I look half as good, I’ll just pull out the razor. ICYMI, Doja Cat shaved her head and raised eyebrows for nearly 25,000 fans on Instagram Live on Friday. She is constantly playing with her beauty look with wigs and hair colors and bold makeup. But this must be his biggest change ever.

Later buzzing with her hair, and showing how great her head looks now, she grabbed a razor and shaving cream and began to prepare her eyebrows. “My makeup artist just texted me, ‘Are you plucking your eyebrows? I’m over the crap,'” she said. “It’s gonna be by me.” And she did. When she was done , she said how “obsessed” she was. Yes, so is everyone.

doja pussy shaved head

TIC Toc.

She explained some of her reasoning behind the new look. “I don’t like having hair… I don’t wear my hair… What’s the use of having hair if you’re not going to fuck it?” he said. Well, he has a thing there. Plus, with a face like that, why wouldn’t you want to show it off? “I feel like I shouldn’t have had hair anyway,” Doja said. “I don’t like having hair…I never liked having hair. I can’t tell you once from the beginning of my life that I’ve ever been like, ‘That’s cool.’ I don’t like having hair.”

“I remember feeling so tired from working out… and I would wearing a wig, and they’ll be getting tougher,” she continued. “They’ll settle down again because of the moisture, and then they’ll start to slip and peel off my head when I’m doing this incredibly strenuous job. I was working out, but I couldn’t concentrate because I was more concerned about how I looked and how my hair was doing. … it’s just a nightmare, man, I’m over it.”

She shared her final look on Instagram stories and what she did with her eyebrows is truly iconic. little heart? shouting at them.

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Why do we feel like Doja just started a new brow trend? And the ’90s. with thin eyebrows Coming back, it’s at the right time.

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