Dog tests positive for monkeypox in first suspected human-to-dog transmission

According to CBS News, is the first suspected documented human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox in France. dog contracted virus By sleeping on his master’s bed.

Scientists published a paper in the Lancet Last week the medical journal showed evidence of human-to-dog transmission. It was not clear whether the virus could be transmitted to dogs.

CBS News also reports that the case involves two male partners living together but not sexually exclusive.

They started showing symptoms of the virus a few days after sleeping with other sex partners.

Twelve days after showing symptoms, his four-year-old Greyhound tested positive for the virus.

Scientists have also expressed further investigation into the transmission of the virus to pets.

“Our findings should start a debate on the need to separate pets from monkeypox virus-positive individuals,” he wrote.

World Health Organization chief Rosamund Lewis on monkeypox, Having said,

Regarding the findings of the Lancet report, he said, this is the first event we are learning about where human-to-animal transmission is. So, on many levels, this is new information. It’s not surprising information, and it’s something we’re keeping an eye on.

Lewis also said that about 99% of monkeypox cases are found in men, and 98% of men have sex with other men.

Biden Administration declared Monkeypox created a state of emergency in August after the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency last month.

First identified in May, there have been more than 6,600 cases of monkeypox.

Furthermore, according to CNN, Wyoming and Montana are the only two states that have not listed any infected people.

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