Dog owner dragged for refusing to leash ‘incredibly well trained’ retriever

Commenters lashed out at an unidentified dog owner when he revealed that he refused to leash his golden retriever, even after neighbors asked.

Posted about the situation in the original poster (OP), known as u/Impressive_PP redditof the popular “Am I the A**hole” forum where it received nearly 5,000 upvotes and 2,500 comments. post can be found Here,

open pets

Dog breeding is illegal in many states across the country due to potential health and safety risks in areas including public parks or sidewalks and neighborhoods.

An article published in the National Library of Medicine found that open dogs pose health risks including zoonotic infections, bites, potentially aggressive behavior, as well as other infections that can be transmitted to humans.

Man slammed for not leasing Golden Retriever
Commentators slammed the owner for refusing to put a leash on his Golden Retriever because it is “incredibly well trained.”

Another common concern about open dogs is the potential for attacks on humans or other animals nearby.

LiveScience reports about five million dog bites are recorded each year in the United States, and the vast majority of cases involve strangers. Sometimes the dog will attack its owners or other individuals it is well acquainted with.


In a post titled “To Tell A Neighborhood Runner I Won’t Leash My Dog?” The OP said they live in “country suburbs” because their new neighborhood is surrounded by farmland.

“We have a golden who is incredibly well trained, and doesn’t walk 3 feet ahead or next to us,” the post read.

During a recent walk, a man started running towards them before stopping a few feet away and asked them to leash their dogs.

“We said ‘no thank you,'” the post read. He said, “What if I was afraid of dogs! What if I was allergic!?” I said, “Well, then you shouldn’t run to an open dog.”

The OP said that the man did not appreciate the answer, but they explained to him that they are “essentially in the country” and that the dog is trained to stay off the leash.

“It’s pretty clear he’ll never hurt anyone, because he’s a stranger raising his voice and our dog hasn’t reacted to anything … is sitting pretty by our side,” the post read.

The man told the OP that they must have had a bad day, but the OP replied “not at all” and said that they would not keep their dog on a leash and the man “isn’t getting it” [his] Way.”

The man then threatened to call the Home Owners Association (HOA) because the OP laughed and asked him to take his picture and get his address “as long as he’s at it”.

redditor reactions

More than 2,400 users commented on the post, with many slamming the dog owner for being “a**hole.”

“YTA. Leash your dog unless you’re in a designated off-leash area,” commented one user, receiving 18,500 upvotes. “I honestly don’t get people like you. What weird ego trip do you get from keeping your dog off the leash? If your dog isn’t going beyond three feet from you, how is the leash going to damage anything? Stop searching the weird irresponsible hills to die for, life is short.”

“We are essentially in the country,” he says on the way as he walks, “commented another. “Let your beloved dog. Hard YTA.”

“You’re the worst kind of dog owner. Always let your dog leash, unless it’s an open area,” commented another. “You don’t know if a person has PTSD from a dog attack, if they have an aggressive/reactive dog, or simply don’t want to approach a potentially deadly animal (which is a dog). You affect the dog. “

“YTA. Get ready to be redeemed by everyone on this subreddit,” commented another. “No matter how well trained your dog is, your dog is still an animal and the unpredictable can happen. Don’t take the risk. Let your dog leash.”

“As a runner, you despise me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been running in my neighborhood and chased by a dog while the owner says something like ‘Oh don’t worry, that won’t hurt you!” Another commented. “No. Leash your dog or put it in a fenced yard.”

newsweek Contacted u/Impressive_PP for comment.

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