Does the USPS Deliver on Thanksgiving? (updated 2022)

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When you need a package or mail by a specific day, it’s worth checking to see if a holiday is near.

If so, you may need to plan accordingly to ensure that you will still receive the package or mail when you need it.

This is because the USPS does not work on some holidays.

So, if you’re expecting something but it’s Thanksgiving, can you expect the USPS to deliver?

Does the USPS Deliver on Thanksgiving?

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No, USPS does not deliver on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a federal holiday and since the USPS is a federal business, it doesn’t work on thanksgiving,

As such, you shouldn’t expect any mail or other deliveries on Thanksgiving from the USPS.

How to Receive Your Mail on Thanksgiving

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If you have important mail that’s due to arrive on Thanksgiving, is there any way you can still receive it?

Here are some things you should do to get your mail in, or just before Thanksgiving.

1. Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Mailing Box by USPS United States Postal Service

If you absolutely need your mail or package on Thanksgiving, the best thing you can do is to use Priority Mail Express to send the sender.

This is a far more expensive shipping option, but it unlocks the ability to keep your item arrive on sundays or holidays,

This includes your package arriving on Thanksgiving.

There may be exceptions depending on your local post office, but if the sender pays an additional fee to have it delivered on Thanksgiving, it should be reached by then.

If your sender doesn’t want to pay the additional fee, you can always offer to pay for the shipping yourself.

The best thing about Priority Mail Express is that if they don’t deliver the package to you on time, you get a refund.

You do not need to pay for delivery.

If you need your mail or package to arrive on Thanksgiving, the best way to make sure it arrives by then is to use Priority Mail Express.

2. Intercept a Package

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Another thing you can do to try to get your mail delivered by Thanksgiving is to use USPS’s Intercept A Package Service,

When you choose to intercept a package, the USPS will intercept it wherever it is on the package at that time.

It takes a bit of planning and understanding of how long it takes for your mail to move through the system.

However, if you can time it right, you can let them have your package at one of their facilities.

As long as the facility allows visitors, you can go there yourself and pick up your mail or package.

However, keep in mind that these offices and centers will not be open on Thanksgiving.

As such, you have to use the Intercept a Package service before that.

It helps you get the package by Thanksgiving because it skips a step.

If you have not used the intercept package, it may take another day for the package or mail to reach your local post office.

If that day is Thanksgiving, you’ll have to wait another day to get it.

If you use the Intercept a Package service, you can stop its progress and pick it up yourself.

This allows you to get it the day before Thanksgiving and avoid having to wait an extra day for it to arrive.

You will need to do some research to determine which distribution centers and post offices are near you.

You won’t be able to pick it up at a delivery center, but if you can intercept it while passing by another post office, you can get your mail by Thanksgiving.

The Intercept A Package service is a great way to stop the progress of mail, so you can pick it up yourself and save time on its delivery.

3. Schedule A Redistribution

Courier delivery service with parcel in hands outside

Another option for getting your mail or package by Thanksgiving is to use the USPS. Schedule redistribution service,

This is ideal if the USPS tried to deliver the package or mail to your home, but they could not.

This usually happens when the package requires a signature.

Sometimes the USPS will even ask you to come to the post office when the package is too big to be put on the truck.

The best part about Schedule A redistribution service is that it allows you to request redistribution on the same day.

This is ideal if you just missed the package and the next day is Thanksgiving.

To ask for redistribution, all you need to do is go online and create an account with the USPS.

You will then see an option to schedule a redistribution.

It will ask you for some details about the package you are missing.

You can then ask when you want to redistribute.

As long as you submit the request by 3 AM EST, you should be able to redistribute it to USPS on the day of your request.

They will receive the request, put the package on the truck, and try to deliver it to your home again.

This is a great last-minute way to get your mail or package before Thanksgiving if they’ve already tried to get it delivered to your home.

By using the Schedule A redistribution service from the USPS, you can be sure that if you miss a delivery from them, they can try to re-package you the same day.

4. Catch Mail

Closeup of man packing parcel with sticky tape in warehouse

When someone holds their mail from the USPS, it usually means they are going on vacation.

They are not going home to collect their mail.

It gives them peace of mind knowing they don’t have to worry about people stealing their packages when they’re not at home.

It’s also a useful tool for making sure you receive your mail or package by Thanksgiving.

When you request the office to keep your mail, it will not go to the truck.

Instead, the post office will hold on to it until you either pick up your mail yourself or resume your delivery service.

The advantage of having the post office do it for you is that you can rely on yourself to receive mail or packages rather than having time to deliver everything to a USPS worker.

The USPS is a busy organization.

While mail delivery workers do their best to get all the mail out every day, this isn’t always possible.

They may have to put it back on the truck and try to deliver it again tomorrow.

Your mail or package may not arrive the day before Thanksgiving because the USPS is very busy.

To overcome this, you can request that the office hold your mail.

You can then go to the office and pick up your mail or package yourself.

You don’t have to worry about it not showing up on your mailbox because the delivery staff is too busy to reach everyone or handle the packages.

5. Redirecting a Package

Image of a white Dodge Ram postal delivery van, on the curbside.

One last method you can use to get your package or mail right before Thanksgiving is to redirect a package.

If you have a friend or family member who receives your mail a little earlier or lives close to the delivery center, you can redirect your package to their address instead of yours.

It can arrive a little quicker, deducting the few miles needed for your package or mail.

It all comes down to knowing where your package or mail is coming from.

Once you know where its starting point is, you can trace a possible path through the USPS’s distribution and processing facilities.

In most cases, they would like to use as direct of a path as possible because it is cheaper.

If you’ve used ground shipping, you also know it’s all coming in via road.

If a friend or family member lives that route and is closer to you from the starting point, you can redirect a package to that address instead.

The USPS will then deliver the package to an address that can potentially cut delivery times by a day or two.

This ensures that it gets delivered before Thanksgiving.

Then you can drive to or pick it up from them before Thanksgiving.

Redirecting your package requires some research and planning, but it may be a way to have the USPS deliver your package first and receive it before Thanksgiving.

How to get your mail or package faster

Young courier using the touchpad while loading a package with his colleague in the delivery van.

One problem you may sometimes encounter with the USPS is that they will not deliver mail or packages on federal holidays.

If you need a specific package or you need a specific letter, you can expect it to arrive before the holiday hits.

This may make you wonder if there is anything you can do to get your mail or package delivered faster.

Here are a few things that can help you speed up your delivery.

1. Choose Air Shipping

When choosing a shipping method for your package, you can cut some time off from your delivery by choosing air shipping over ground shipping.

The seller may call this expedited shipping or express shipping.

This is usually a few days off the estimated ground shipping time.

This is because your package is going to make its journey on an airplane instead of a truck.

Airplanes can traverse distances much faster than trucks or trains.

They have more speed, and they don’t have to worry about things like traffic.

The only delay that damages planes is bad weather.

Even so, the bad weather usually clears up in a few hours.

By choosing air shipping, you can speed up your delivery process and potentially get the package before Thanksgiving.

2. Priority Mail

Another way you can speed up the delivery of your mail or package is to use Priority Mail.

When you’re shipping something or choosing a shipping method, you should sometimes see Priority Mail.

This is a more expensive shipping method than standard shipping.

This is because when you choose Priority Express or something like that, a lot of attention and attention goes to your package or mail.

The USPS makes this a priority and makes sure it is quickly sorted and put on the truck.

It usually only takes a day or two for Priority Express mail to arrive.

It’s a great way to pack when you need a package before Thanksgiving arrives, and you only have a few days left before the holiday.

Although it will cost you more money, using Priority Mail is a great way to speed up your delivery.

3. No Signature

One way to slow down your delivery is to require a signature.

While a signature is required ensures that your package arrives safely, it also means that your delivery is more likely to be missed.

You have to stay home when the postal worker comes to sign the package.

If you’re not, they’ll take the package back with them.

If you’re lucky, you might get to the post office before it’s closed to pick it up.

However, if you’re not, you’ll have to wait until the next day to try signing for the package again.

This slows down the process as it can be difficult to coordinate with your local postal worker.

If you have to work outside the home, you are not always there when they come.

By opting out of the signature, the postal worker can leave the package at your home, even if you are not there.

This ensures that there is no delay.

You can sometimes even sign an online that allows the postal worker to leave it at your home.

By eliminating the need for a signature, you can remove any potentially missed deliveries from occurring and speed up the process.


The USPS does not deliver on Thanksgiving because its offices are not open.

Thanksgiving is a federal holiday recognized by the USPS.

Luckily, there are a few methods listed above that you can use to either speed up your delivery or make sure you’re able to get it before or after Thanksgiving.

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