Does Brad Pitt have a girlfriend? here is the truth

Once upon a time in Hollywood, this actor kept things casual.

a source near brad pitt Specifically tells E! news that moneyball The star has been on the dating scene “but in a casual, low-key way.”

“He loves to hang out and socialize, but he does so in a very personal way,” the source said. “He is enjoying and inspired by people from different walks of life.”

But has any of those people become special? As the insider shared, “He goes on dates, but he doesn’t have a serious girlfriend.”

He and his ex-wife have been there for six years Angelina Jolie said it left in 2016, couple sharing children maddox20, peace18, Zahara17, Shiloho16, and 14 year old twins Vivian And Knox.

Brad was too already married To Jennifer Aniston It continued for about five more years before it was shut down in 2005. Gwyneth Paltrow before this They separated in 1997,

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