Doctor’s husband made up a story of ‘Drano Poisoning’ to get custody of children, claims lawyer

a lawyer for california Accused of putting dermatologist Water In her husband’s lemonade, it is said that the story was fabricated by the woman’s husband.

Friday morning, u “emily” u was released on bail and after her husband was not charged with any offence, Jack ChenoHe was accused of repeatedly spilling his drink with a caustic drain cleaner last week.

“The idea that my client, a 45-year-old respected dermatologist in Orange County, would destroy her life, destroy the lives of her children and try to kill her husband, is completely absurd and untrue. , and for that matter, defamatory,” her lawyer David Wohlo Told CBS, angel. Wohl says the poison was coined as part of a custody battle.

According to Chen’s attorney, a radiologist husband allegedly caught his wife three times at their Irvine home, pouring Drano into his hot lemonade drink.

According to Wohl, the nanny cam video shows the wife pouring Drano into an empty cup to avoid the spray.

“Whenever he poured Drano into a cup, it was completely empty,” the lawyer said. “This was to facilitate use in the sink or any other part of the house that was closed off as a drainage.”

Wohl insisted that Yu never added any Drano or any other substance to the chain’s drink, claiming that “this is completely untrue.”

In addition, the lawyer argued that Chen had fabricated charges of poisoning Yu to divorce Yu and gain custody of their two children.

“We fully believe that these claims they make are part and parcel of that effort,” Wohl said.

However, Chen’s lawyer said he noticed a chemical taste in his lemonade and was diagnosed with stomach ulcers, gastritis and esophagitis.

According to reports, Chen last week requested a restraining order against his wife of 10 years.

He alleged that Yu physically and verbally abused his children, even telling them to “go to die”.

“When Emily gets frustrated and yells at the kids, she usually uses a Chinese phrase that translates to ‘Go Die!’ She also tells kids, ‘You have a problem with your head,’ ‘Your head is sick,’ ‘Go f-k yourself,’ ‘F-ing idiot,’ ‘Stupid a-hole,’ and ‘F- Get the K. out of my way,” Chen wrote in a court document obtained by The Post.

Chen claimed that Yu had even refused children – now 8 and 7 – to sleep if they went to bed earlier than they would have liked.

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