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One of the final steps in each NFL offseason is the reveal of the coveted Top 100 Players list. As a celebration of the league’s best of the best, the Top 100 Players list showcases the remarkable talent across the NFL landscape. Of course, with every list, there are continued issues with ranking placement… and glaring omissions.
Although the final top-20 players are yet to be ranked, their names have already been revealed, and as such, fans across the country now know who is and is not on the list. For Seattle there are two names missing:
Wide receivers DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett.
For years now, Metcalf and Lockett have established themselves as two of the league’s best at the position. They are the reason Seattle has one of the most dynamic receiving duo’s of any team. The 2021 Seahawks may have fallen well short of their usually lofty expectations, but Lockett and Metcalf were among those who put forth outstanding seasons.
Metcalf may have finished the year with 75 receptions for “only” 967 yards, but he found the end zone 12 times. This trailed only rookie phenom Ja’Marr Chase, Mike Evans and Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp for most in the league.
As for Lockett, he posted his third-straight 1,000-yard season. The only other Seahawk to accomplish such a feat? Steve Largent. Not to mention his eight receiving touchdowns to go along with all the yards.
The biggest point worth mentioning here is the fact Lockett and Metcalf were able to do this without Russell Wilson throwing them the ball for a significant portion of the season. Wilson missed three games, but even during his return his finger injury was clearly hindering the quality of his play.
It is truly hard to envision an NFL where there are actually 100 better players than these two.
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Last night’s win for the Seahawks might have been a bit personal. A lot of fans no doubt still have fond feelings for former QB Russell Wilson, but a number of team legends seem to have been thrilled by watching him lose to Seattle.
The official team account is chipping in with a bit of fun. Here’s a cartoon they shared featuring some easter eggs mocking Wilson and Denver’s dining scene.
Spicy stuff.
Speaking in his weekly radio bit on ESPN 710, coach Pete Carroll gave a wry answer when asked about why so many former players are celebrating the W.
The inevitable…
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