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Diddy Was the recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022 BET Rewards, and he gave a long speech accepting the honour. At one point, Diddy made sure to thank “everyone who participated”. [his] life.” He added that he couldn’t possibly name everyone, but was a wonderful person who he was. did Reference by name. “I was in a dark place for a few years,” Didi admitted. “I have to give a special shout-out to the people, thank you, love, who were really there for me.” He named a few close people in his life, then added, “More HowFor keeping me down in the darkest of times, love. ,

Kanye West Didi Baby Face
Didi accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award. (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

Didi and Cassie dated each other for more than 10 years before separating in 2018. After the split, she got together alex fine, whom she married in September 2019. The couple has two children. Meanwhile, Didi is currently dating city ​​girls rapper, that miami (Karesha Romeka Brownlee). Keresha was among the audience at the BET Awards, proudly chanting “GO PAPI!” wrote. As soon as Didi took the stage. Fans on Twitter were outraged that Diddy mentioned Cassie in her speech while Keresha sat right in front of her.

sister how
Didi and Cassie before their split. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

However, she did not seem bothered by the situation. Yung Miami retweeted a vague message about Diddy not mentioning Carrshaw in her speech, to which she replied, “Girl please!” Kairsha’s City Girls bandmate, joint, retweeting the message, wrote, “Don’t be b*** mad. No longer a **** that can be touched and recognized Trying to go Viral… OK, OK. ,

Diddy confirmed their relationship With Yung Miami earlier this month. During an interview, he stated that his actual relationship status was “single”, but revealed that he was going on a date with Kairshaw. “We’re dating,” he said. “We have dates. We are friends. We go to foreign places. We’re having a great time.”

However, a few days later, he released a song It also appears to refer to his relationship with Cassie. Titled “Gotta Move On”, the song is about realizing that a relationship is over and there is no chance of reconciliation. “She doesn’t want my love, I think I have to move on, I think I came a little too strong, I think she doesn’t want my love, I think I have to move on,” Didi sings on the track. Is.

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