Dems, abortion rights advocates outraged as Indiana’s abortion ban

Indiana abortion ban signed off on Democrat Republican advocates
Republicans imposed a near-complete ban on abortion in Indiana on Friday, sparking outrage among Democrats and abortion rights advocates. Protesters are pictured at an abortion rights demonstration at the Indiana State Senate on July 25, 2022 in Indianapolis.
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Republican Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has signed a nearly complete abortion ban into law over the protests of Democrats and abortion rights advocates.

Indiana on Friday became the first state to ban abortion overturning of Roe vs. Wade despite being strong Oppose Democrats and some Republican, A Bill to ban abortion, except in rape, incest or when the life of a pregnant person is in danger- pass By 62-38 votes in the Rajya Sabha. No Democrats voted in favor of the ban. Nine Republicans also opposed the bill, arguing that it was either too restrictive or not restrictive enough.

“After turning Roe deerI have clearly stated that I am ready to support legislation that has made progress in protecting lives,” Holcomb said. Statement Issued immediately after signing the bill. “From my point of view, [the bill] Indiana accomplishes this goal after being passed with an overwhelming majority in both houses of the General Assembly.”

“These actions were followed by a lengthy trial filled with serious and personal testimony from citizens and elected representatives on this emotional and complex subject,” he said. “Ultimately, those voices shape and inform the final content of the law and its carefully negotiated exceptions to address some of the unimaginable circumstances a woman or unborn child may face.”

Holcomb wasted little time signing the bill. During the brief interval between passing in the legislature and reaching his desk, Democrats and pro-abortion rights groups begged the governor to issue a veto. If Holcomb had issued the veto, Republicans could easily override the veto with a simple majority in both houses of the legislature.

Indiana Democratic Party Said that the bill was “the worst form of government redundancy, and that’s why the Indiana Democrats asked Governor Eric Holcomb to veto the law.” Democrats Slammed To make Holcomb and Republicans “against the law for a safe and legal abortion for the Hoosiers”, when the bill was signed into law a short time later.

Democratic State Representative Cherish Prior, who also serves as board chair for the Hoosier Women Forward group, said in a Statement That the bill was signed “despite the opposition of a majority of Hoosiers”.

,[The] The bill is not about being ‘pro-life,’ but about controlling women,” Pryor said. “It’s a dark day, but the fight is not over. Women and all those who care about the preservation of democracy will be remembered in November.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Indiana said in a statement that the ban after being passed in the legislature was “setting back 50 years on Hoosiers’ fundamental right to control their bodies”.

Indiana’s ACLU later said, “Governor Holcomb has now signed SB 1 into law to ban abortion in Indiana and force Hoosiers to conceive against their will.” Statement, “SB 1 is set to take effect September 15. It’s brutal and unintentional. We won’t stop fighting – the Hoosiers still have rights.”

Earlier this week, voters in Kansas — a state that also has a Republican-controlled legislature — overruled the preferences of most GOP lawmakers. decisive vote against A proposed amendment to remove the right to abortion from their state’s constitution.

newsweek Holcomb’s office has been reached for comment.

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