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Angelina Jolie47, taking the happiness of her eldest daughter, ZaharaNew college trip. The actress left the age of 17 at Spelman College Aug 10 in Atlanta, GA and feeling “bitter” feelings about change. ,Angelina I’ve always had an incredibly close relationship with Zahra, so it’s so soothing to see her go to college,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY hollywoodlife, “They’re spending some extra alone time together because Angie knows how much she’s going to miss her little girl.”

“They’re doing all the usual mother-daughter stuff to get her ready for school,” the source continued. “Shopping for books, school supplies, plus everything else he needs to make sure he stays comfortable in his hostel while on campus. They got an extensive tour of the school before moving in and Angie is very excited to see her daughter thrive in such a beautiful environment. She thinks this is an excellent school and is very excited to see her child grow up.”

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Angelina Jolie and Zahra at a previous event. (Domenico Stanelis/AP/Shutterstock)

Angelina talks about Spelman’s Vice President of Student Affairs almost crying and being excited at the same time in a video Darryl Holoman Shared on his Instagram. Bindass mother and her daughter also met the school president Dr. Helen Gayle During official campus drop-off. Zahra’s first official day of classes will be on August 17th after school orientation which began on August 10th.

,AngelinaHas been in Atlanta with Zahra for a few days and she will stay a while longer to settle down,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY shared. “Going without your daughter is not an easy task, but the good thing is that she Has gone through this before. maddox [her oldest son], And at least Zahra is living in the country, which is a much quicker journey than when Maddox was in Yonsei [South Korea] So she’s taking some comfort in this. Nevertheless, it is a very emotional, bitter time for him. As exciting as all this is, it is very hard for her to leave. ,

zahra’s new Spellman. travel on Comes just weeks after Angelina reveals her college of choice A Glance And the caption, which can be seen above. “Zahra with her Spellman sisters!” Caption read. “Congratulations to all the new students starting this year. It’s a very special place and an honor to have a family member as the new Spellman Girl.”

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