Danny DeVito shares his honest opinion on Colin Farrell’s Penguin

Danny DeVito left a brrrrr-totally honest take Colin FarrellPenguin performance.

When Vanity Fair DeVito connected to lie detector and he had his own daughter Lucy DeVito ask him some really sharp questions about batman cinematic universeLegendary actor, who played Penguin in 1992 Batman ReturnsCouldn’t help but speak his truth!

“What about this penguin?” Lucy asked while sliding over a photo of Ferrell, who played Penguin of 2022 Batman,

“I love Colin. He’s a wonderful guy,” said Danny. “My penguin was better.”

Danny laughed again and asked the test administrator, “Was I telling the truth?” To which he replied, “You were telling the truth.”

when It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia The star certainly meant what he said, reducing the blow by saying, “Nice man, though. Colin is a good guy.”

If it made Colin feel better, Danny didn’t have kind words for any of the actors on the outside Batman Returns,

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