Cyclist dies in hit-and-run in East Side neighborhood

Police are searching for the vehicle that killed a cyclist in Chicago’s Southeast Side on Friday in what officials are calling a hit-and-run.

Pablo Rodriguez, 55, suffered fatal injuries after being hit by a vehicle in the 9900 block of South Avenue L in Chicago’s East Side neighborhood and died at around 6:15 a.m. Friday.

Witnesses told police the vehicle was a black SUV or van that continued north on South Avenue L after colliding with Rodriguez.

This is at least the second fatal hit-and-run in Chicago this week. a A 5-year-old child also died on Wednesday After being hit by two vehicles. Earlier this summer, Activists and community members call for safer roads to the north For pedestrians and cyclists, a number of traffic-related deaths have resulted.

Police are encouraging anyone with information about an accident to call (312) 745-4521.

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