Compton Speed ​​Bumps Don’t Stop Street Takeovers

Attempts to stop a street takeover in Compton have hit the road.

A series of hard rubber dots called “Bot’s Dots” were recently installed at the intersection of Wilmington Avenue and Caldwell Street, but that didn’t stop many drivers from doing donuts as onlookers watched around 2:30 on Monday.

Dots, which are commonly used as lane markers, were installed at other Compton intersections, including Santa Fe Avenue and Compton Boulevard. City officials said the dots are designed to make the road too bumpy for drivers to do donuts and “burn rubber”.

The pilot program cost the city $4,000.

In recent months, several people have been injured and killed in shootouts in road takeover accidents across the Southland. Converted into an acquisition last week booty of a 7-eleven Harbor Gateway.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were able to stop the road takeover attempt west la, in the weekends.

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