College Students Check Your Voter Registration Now

College students preparing to live away from home for the first time need to inquire about voting requirements in the state where they intend to live next year.

Illinois colleges and universities allow students to register or re-register locally if they have already registered at their home address. Students must show that they have resided locally for 30 days and two pieces of appropriate ID, such as a driver’s license, student ID or a bill with their college address.

Other states may have different rules. Students should check with their colleges before leaving home. If a student wants a mail-in ballot from Illinois, they can request one by going online with their particular county if they are already registered at their home address.

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This is an important mid-term election. Unfortunately, young voters aged 18 to 25 have some of the lowest voting records of any age group. Many issues affecting personal choice, especially for young people, will be determined by the candidates selected this year. plan ahead. Make sure your vote is counted in November.

Betty Kleinberg, Deerfield

Music Festivals Don’t Help the Neighborhood

Community opposition to large private festivals in Douglas Park has been in the news lately, and rightly so. Please realize how this issue relates to the bigger picture: it exemplifies how less affluent, working class parts of the city are taken advantage of, abused and betrayed by those in power – the government and Big business interests.

Why do Riot Fest and other festivals choose Douglas Park instead of another part of the city? They, and the thousands of attendees, don’t care about our park’s beautiful attractions, wealth of wildlife, peaceful lagoons, playgrounds. After building their fence to keep the community out, they trample and trash the park.

They bring it here because they can, because until now the community has not been able to leave them, as Humboldt Park did three years later.

Year after year, they feed us the lie that somehow these festivals will bring prosperity and profit. Small treats are offered – free tickets to concerts if you live on the periphery, temporary jobs to set up and work at festivals, gifts of money to local politicians and their chosen token recipients.

Claims of significant profits have been proven false. Even permit fees paid to the Park District are not refunded to Douglas Park, but go to the General Park Fund.

Variations abound in this story of greed and abuse of power. Who knows how it will end?

Rebecca Wolfram, Lawndale

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