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Celebrities are generally seen for their role in the entertainment world and not for their background or lifestyle which is out of the limelight. Many stars – especially actors, musicians and artists – bypass higher education and take the path of jumping straight into their career. Much work in the entertainment field relies on a “big break” or difficult years climbing the social ladder, which prevents many celebrities from considering higher education as a means to advance their careers and achieve goals. .

Despite what may be an unpopular outlook on college education in Tinseltown, many stars have either earned their degrees or returned to school balancing work projects before the start of their careers. For example, the “Ugly Betty” actor America Ferrera First enrolled at the University of Southern California in 2002 and came back almost ten years later in 2012 to complete his degree. others, such asstrange things” Star Millie Bobby Brown Is pursuing his degree at Purdue University while managing a packed work schedule.

Outside of their presence in the limelight, these celebrities have worked and earned degrees in various disciplines from several notable universities. Read on to find out which are your favorites college educated,

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