Christina Ricci gives Wednesday’s series the seal of approval

Christina Ricci doesn’t feel well Jenna Ortega fill his shoes.

That’s all Ricky said while discussing New Wednesday Adams-Focused Series with Diversity, Notably, Ricci, who played the daughter of the indomitable obsessive Adams in ’90s movies, revealed that she was “flattering” that Wednesday the director Tim Burton asked him to join the series.

While Rikki kept quiet about her upcoming role in WednesdayShe shared that it was “nice to be a part of this next iteration of that character.”

Ricky is Passing Black Baby Doll Dress to Ortega, which will portray Wednesday’s teens at Nevermore Academy. On Ortega’s take on the iconic character, Ricci shared, “It’s fun to watch and it’s fun to see other people take things and they put themselves into something like this.”

So, what can we expect from this chapter of the Addams family? Netflix described the series as a “spy, supernaturally-influenced mystery” that will follow Wednesday “as she attempts to master her emerging psychic potential, thwarting a monstrous killing spree that has led to the death of her son.” Terrorized the local town, and solved the murder mystery that confused his parents. 25 years ago.”

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