Christian Rock’s brother questions Blueface’s love for him in online post

Christian Rock and Blueface have taken over social media timelines all summer long. Although both did not make their relationship official till August 10. A tweet by Christian, people online have seen all kinds of conversations between them for weeks. From family knockout and to dispute online road dispute And love in the clubWell, it’s been a rollercoaster union. Now, Chrysien’s older brother has taken to online to make Chrysanne think about herself and her loyalty to Blueface.

The older brother wrote on Instagram Story, “Christian I love you so much and here’s to hurting you.” “I wouldn’t say anything, not going to unless you introduced us in person because he was working the internet for you. Come on, Chrisian, I grew up in and out of prison. I [wouldn’t mind] Throw away all my freedom for you forever.”

Blueface broke down the door and allegedly tore Chrissie’s hair on her phone

Her brother’s message was refreshed by another viral conversation shared online by Blueface and Chrissian. Just weeks after physically fighting each other in public, another violent exchange took place. On August 18, blue bald spot posted Over at Christian’s head on his Instagram story. In the video, Christian says, “Don’t show them my bald spot; Why do you want to show people what you did to me? Blueface denied his claim and replied, “I didn’t do that to you; You tried to run.”

Then, Christiane directed Blueface’s recording camera to a bathroom area, where a broken door was lying on the floor. Christiane said that Blueface broke down the door as he took her phone and ran away with it.

Later that day, Christiane appeared upset by the incident, tweeting about the incident. she wrote, “That bald spot ain’t sh*t nobody hurts about a patch of hair.” In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, “Blueface is the best person in the world. I don’t trust anyone but him.”

Christian’s Brother Reminds Him Her Worth: “You Don’t Know Clown”

In his post, Christian’s brother expressed a desire to protect her – noting that she is the youngest sister.

He wrote, “You are my younger sister, you are our younger sister, our father has brought us up to protect our sisters at all costs, you are the youngest.” “I know you love Blue, I want to ask him if he loves you? I can’t play against Chrisian anymore, I’ll meet you all soon. You’re not the Joker, you’re my You’re a princess, you’re our princess, and I’m so proud of you, Sean.

Brother tagged both Christian and Blueface in the post, which contained a picture of him and The Rock.

Chrisian’s brother wrote, “I love you with everything inside me, I remember you being a beautiful little kid with a big big head.”

In response to the brother’s words, Blueface’s mother, Carlisa, jumped into the sauce—as she often does. She wrote a note to her brother on her Instagram story, warning her that “Throw away his freedom.” Instead, he challenges her to get into the boxing ring with Blueface.

“…just put on the gloves and make your point because you’ll be sitting in that cell looking like me,” wrote Carlisa. “Real fool! And if it’s not him it will be the next Joe or John. Pray you don’t make the wrong choice in life because 2 wrongs don’t make it right and you won’t make it in a cell playing with my son.” .

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