Children found dead in suitcase in New Zealand identified

Authorities have identified the remains of two children found inside suitcases purchased through a digital auction conducted by a New Zealand storage facility.

New Zealand police confirmed in a statement on Friday that they now know who the two children are, but are hiding their names at the request of their relatives.

An Auckland family was excavating items from inside a storage unit purchased online when they found human remains earlier this month. He immediately reported the gruesome discovery to the authorities, who, in turn, launched a murder investigation. The children were between 5 and 10 years old and had been dead for many years.

Detective Inspector Tofilou Famanuia Velua said the suitcases containing the remains had been inside the storage unit for at least three or four years, by the time they were found.

According to police, a woman believed to be the mother of two children was last seen in South Korea. Immigration records show that the unidentified woman in her 40s arrived in South Korea in 2018, with no records of her leaving in the years since.

Park Seung-hoon, an officer with the National Police Agency in Seoul, said authorities do not have the authority to track down or detain the woman because she is still a New Zealand citizen allegedly linked to that crime. Which happened here too. New Zealand. He said the authorities would need an official notice of extradition to pursue him.

Police suspect the woman is possibly the mother of the children as her previous address in New Zealand was registered at the storage unit where the suitcases were kept.

Wailua said on Friday that police were “continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the children’s deaths”.

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