Chaka Khan Still Unhappy With The Way Kanye West Sampled Him ‘Via The Wire’, Says He Made His Sound “Like A Chipmunk” [Video]

Chaka Khan speaks about Kanye “Ye” West Using him as a sampler on “Through the Wire”: “I was upset about sounding like a chipmunk.”

The 2003 Kanye hit “Through the Wire” is an all-time favorite jam that we all love. But, for music legend Chaka Khan, it wasn’t exactly what she thought West had asked her to sample her hit “Woman Like Me.”

during the chat dude day dc, Khan opened up about her previous interview with Vlad in which she said that West messed up her song by speeding up “Through the Wire”. Asked if she would talk to West from then on, Khan said she “doesn’t want to hear from him.”

“That’s what he did. That’s what he did with his music,” Khan said. “I was upset about sounding like a chipmunk.”

He said that West did not mention that he would speed up the song. “He didn’t mention that he was going to make it three times faster. That’s the normal speed. If he had, I’d have something to say. But, since I didn’t think of that, believe me, I’m about to do it now.” I think.”

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