CDC Now Covid-19. does not recommend social distancing for

Now IDK about this, Roomies! US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.)) has issued new guidelines regarding COVID-19. The organization says that the nation should move away from restrictive measures such as quarantine and social distancing and focus on mitigating serious illnesses from COVID-19.

According to CNNINA news briefing today, Greta Masetti, branch chief of the Field Epidemiology and Prevention Branch at CDC, said, “The current conditions of this pandemic are very different from those of the last two years.”

Along with the new guidelines, reports suggest that contact tracing should be limited to hospitals and certain high-risk group-living situations. These are places like nursing homes. Barring certain high-risk settings such as nursing homes and prisons, the guidelines emphasize routine testing to screen for COVID-19. The changes do not stop here. While the new guidance does not recommend quarantining people exposed to COVID-19 but not infected, it keeps some of the previous measures the same.

The CDC still encourages testing for people with symptoms and close contacts. In addition, people who test positive should stay home for at least five days and wear a mask around others for ten days. Although mask orders are no longer in effect, the organization recommends that people wear masks indoors in about half the country.

For those concerned about contracting the deadly disease from infected individuals, the CDC advises that anyone with symptoms follow these new guidelines. People with moderate symptoms – such as shortness of breath and those admitted to hospital – should stay home for at least ten days. People with compromised immune systems should now talk to their doctor about ending their isolation after infection.

Roommates, will you follow the new guidelines or stick to the previous ones?

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