Bradley Beal still believes in magicians

(Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images) there were rumors that Bradley Beal will leave Washington Wizards during this current offseason. Some assumed that he would eventually leave the Wiz and sign with a different team, perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, or Dallas Mavericks. But in the end, Beale stuck with the only … Read more

No one is close to TJ Watt in a critical position

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) Pittsburgh Steelers Help was needed to enter last year’s playoff picture. Yet despite making it later in the season, they were no match for the Kansas City Chiefs during their wild card game. Hence, anything less than a playoff spot in 2022 will be disappointing for the team and its … Read more

The Lakers Are Planning a Big Move for Westbrook

(Photo by Sean M. Haffy/Getty Images) Most talked about business in the NBA Patrick Beverly To Los Angeles Lakers, When the move was announced on Thursday, several headlines and tweets were written about the move and many wondered how it would change the team. Obviously, the Beverly to LA team’s ability to trade more will … Read more

MLB Insider reveals a big Tyler Glasnow update

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) Tampa Bay Rays announced a major financial commitment for one of its best pitchers. right handed batsman tyler glasnowwho is currently recovering tommy john Surgery, now in Tampa for two more years instead of one. Sources told ESPN, “Right-handers Tyler Glasnow and the Tampa Bay Rays are on a one-year, $25 … Read more

Is The Lottery Rigged? (10 Reasons It Is Not)

  Almost everyone dreams of winning the lottery. With the right selection of numbers, all your financial worries could just disappear. Any time there’s a long streak without any winners, the jackpot for certain lotteries grows and grows. When someone does win, it may sometimes feel staged which can make you wonder if the lottery … Read more