Republicans see CDC’s policy change as ‘massive political loser for Democrats’

Republicans’ national campaign weapons, as part of their strategy to take Parliament and the Senate back in the mid-November term, have signaled a new push to highlight the policy to their extent to the electorate, especially in swing states and districts near the border between the United States and Mexico. The policy change has too … Read more

Covid in DC: What to know about the risks of Omicron and BA.2

The answer, like much else throughout the coronavirus pandemic, is complicated because it depends on individuals’ personal risk thresholds. And no public outing carries any risk – especially a formal event like the Gridiron Dinner held inside a hotel basement – with variants as transferable as Omicron and its sibling, BA.2, which circulates widely. “A … Read more

Medicare will cover Aduhelm only for those enrolled in clinical trials

The CMS updated its position on future Alzheimer’s drugs, which also target the amyloid proteins thought to cause the disease. Should these drugs undergo a traditional approval process and not the accelerated approval process, patients do not need to be in a randomized, controlled trial. Instead, they could be in a patient registry, which tracks … Read more

Congress could finally pass a Covid bill. They’ll soon have to do it all again.

This round of funding – if it can pass Parliament and the Senate – will help restart important Covid-19 programs that have recently run out of resources, including the development of future variant-specific vaccines and federal government procurement of medicines for people at risk of hospitalization. But the package was cut from more than $ … Read more

Biden admin plots to fix Obamacare’s ‘family glitch,’ expand coverage

Biden administration officials are expected to unveil the proposed ordinance ahead of a celebration of the 2010 landmark health law, which will also mark former President Barack Obama’s return to the White House for the first time since leaving office. Obama, along with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, is intended to highlight … Read more