The Sunday Papers

Sunday is the day to board a two-carriage local train, walk a precarious track through an estuary, and arrive at the cinema to watch Sonic 2. Before you buy your ticket, enjoy some great writing about the game (and game-adjacent). cultural stuff) from this week. read more

The Pokémon Variety Show will share the “latest info on Pokémon games” next week

Image: The Pokémon Company Trainers got a lot of information about Pokemon Scarlett and Pokemon Violet When the new generation first came out in February. So when is the next update? Well, there may be some planning for next week – with claims a Japanese Pokémon variety show called ‘Pokedoko 4’ could possibly have some … Read more

Waffle is like a wordlet about swapping letters in a five-word grid

Waffle is a free, browser-based word game with the same puzzle and plenty of green and yellow squares each day. Other than that, it has some pretty big differences from Wordle. It doesn’t require you to type letters, for one.

Instead, Waffle presents you with a grid of five interspersed words with all the letters already in place. Most of the letters have been linked, and it’s up to you to identify the correct words and spell them by swapping the letters with each other using as few tricks as possible.

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Ron Gilbert sheds more light on his return to Monkey Island in new interview

Ron Gilbert, the brains behind Monkey Island, Another installment in the classic franchise confirmed earlier this month, sixth installment, return to monkey islandWill feature the return of Gilbert alongside Dave Grossman, who collaborated with Secret of Monkey Island and Lechuck’s Revenge. in an interview with, Gilbert and Grossman share a little more about Return … Read more

The Target System That Breaks the Weird West

Strange West is a game about giving the player complete control over how to deal with any situation so that they can create their own story. It also means giving the player the freedom to shoot absolutely everything. For game director Rafael Colantonio (Desonor’s co-director and Pre’s director), freedom and control are the core principles … Read more