Cardi B uses boiled onions to wash her hair: PHOTOS

Homemade Hack! Cardi B Is proud of your long locks thanks for one unusual shampooing process,

“My last 2 washes I was boiling onions and using water To wash my hair.” wrote the 29-year-old “Bodak Yellow” songwriter instagram With a photo of her long, natural hair on Friday, August 12. “I used to do this 6 years ago when I started my health child development journey,

Cardi B uses boiled onions to wash her hair: Details on her home-made hack for healthy growth

Cardi B Courtesy of Cardi B / Instagram

She continued: “I stopped because I got really lazy. It’s odorless and I’ve noticed it’s done make my hair shine,

The New York native’s social media followers were quickly amazed that the water with vegetables Can help her hair grow without strong fragrance. “Dominican RemediesSS” IAn Instagram user replied.

The rap star isn’t the only one washing her hair with onions. In fact, Illuminate Labs’ Dr. Andrea Paul Told martha Applying onion juice on the head in March is good for treating hair loss Due to amino acids, which help restore hair follicles. She adds: “For convenience, it probably makes sense to apply the treatment before the rain, as it would be significantly faster.”

While Cardi – who shares a daughter culture4, and son Shake11 months with husband offset – Didn’t elaborate further on her haircare routine, she has spoken openly about it before her go-to beauty products,

“Will you take a bath at my house?” that first Captioned an August 2021 photo of her bathroom Via Twitter, showing tubs of Vaseline, Dove Body Wash, Degree Deodorant, Dr. Teals Scrub and Lubriderm Lotion.

hustler The actress continued at the time: “I’d love to exfoliate with the South” [the St. Ives Apricot scrub] After I shave. I can’t laser or wax until I give birth [with baby No. 2] That’s why I like to exfoliate right after I shave. The body scrub is good for the legs and body but I think it is too oily for the bikini line.”

Cardi also often made headlines for her changing hairstyles and wigs, but Her natural look has been one of her favorites,

“Okay guys, so this is really how my hair is,” Cardi said in a June 2020 Instagram Story video. “My hair becomes like when you blow dry it and then after two days it looks like puff puff. Even when you braid it.”

Cardi B uses boiled onions to wash her hair: Details on her home-made hack for healthy growth

Cardi B Courtesy of Cardi B / Instagram

The “WAP” artist told her social media fans that she “straighten” her hair, which is different from the culture and its “little coils” of Karl.

“All the good stuff you put in your body, you have to put in your hair,” she added in the clip, noting that He Swears By A DIY Hair Mask Using avocado, raw eggs, mayonnaise and more. “You wouldn’t put soda in your hair because soda isn’t good for your body.”

She continued: “This treatment is really good for curl patterns. I don’t really have a curl pattern but my baby does.”

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