Cardi B, Kanye West, and Lil Dirk “Hot Sh*t” Music Video

image Source: YouTube user Cardi B

Cardi B has released a new video for their song “Hot Sh*t”. The song, which was released on July 1 and contains Kanye West And Lil’ Dirk was the artist’s first new musical in more than a year. The video, which dropped on July 12, shows the artist defying gravity and measuring the NYC skyline. She also plays with fire in a white room. Lil Durk appears in the video, along with a figure wearing a helmet next to the motorcycle which is probably Kanye West,

Cardi B announces arrival of single produced by Ty Keith instagram With a cinematic view of New York City in a superhero-style costume on June 26; The words “Coming soon, Cardi B, July 1” ran across the screen in neon orange letters. The next day, she shared the “Hot Sh*t” cover art. instagram And confirming guest spots from West and Dirk also noted that the song would be released without a music video.

during a Interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1 – released on June 30 – Cardi B shared what it was like working with West on the new song, noting that she found her poem a few months ago when it was “all over the media”. “I had a lot of conversations with Kanye West. I learned a lot about him and he’s such an amazing, lovely person,” she said. “I feel like, I wish a lot of people would have a conversation with him so they could just see the real … him.”

“Hot sh*t” arrives before Cardi B’s long-awaited follow-up Grammy Winner First entry, “invasion of privacy.” Cardi’s sophomore album will be her first album release in four years.

in April 2021 XXL In the interview, Cardi B discussed the process of recording her new album. “I think at this point, it’s like a timeline that I’ve made,” she told the outlet of the album’s release schedule. “Because last year, I was like, I have to put out my album this year. But, then out of nowhere I stopped working on my album because I think the whole COVID thing discouraged me to put out my album “

Over the past year, Cardi B has welcomed her son, wave set safe, and two big singles – Kay Flock’s drill anthem “Shake It” and Summer Walker and SZA’s “No Love” remix. Now, fans can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for their catalogue.

Watch the video for “Hot Sh*t” next.

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